Texas Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect With Help From SCOTUS


cynical profane bastard
still doesn't take away from the fact that gun toting bible thumpers are stupid, selfish fuckwits.

they should mind their own GOD DAMN business. can i blaspheme again?

oh you bet i can......oooooh i'm going to hell (lol).... at least i'll know someone there and wont have to put up with DRX's bullshit.


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Control of uppity wimmen is what it is about. Religion is just window dressing. I will end up in the same circle of hell as Hatty. Could be worse.


cynical profane bastard
haha don't be so sure.... i can be a grumpy bastard at times :) :)

i suppose the pit fires of hell will be more bearable than me fucking swearing a lot :)

maybe i will repent.......? yeah nah!:biker
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