So...what animal is gonna kill you in Australia?


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Weird as fuck!

The article did suggest that the snake my have attacked the cow only to lose the argument!

Most herbivores need tiny amounts of meat.


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This is from one of my friends here in Nanango, she used some duct tape outside to hold her blind so it wouldn't flap and the next day found this poor snake tangled it it. It's a carpet snake a constrictor and not poisonous... We have a local snake catcher here and he came to her house and saved it....


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At a geology camp someone put another log on the fire. . .out came a big ugly centipede only to fall on the hot coals and burned in a second. Guy who had put the log on was a bit shaken.
Seriously, you want to hear a centipede story. ?

So this happened years ago, but ever burned into my memory.

I was wearing those dorkie open walking things.. velcro everywhere , so they were strapped on.

I was doing something down by my wee shed, probably moving fallen wood, or such, when I felt something I'd never felt before. !! A NEW experience.

Something quite cold and slick slid in between my toes to the arch of my foot and !! it wriggled ..

Oh my goodness me.. :)
I didn't know what it was but I didn't want it there. ! I lifted my leg and tried to open space between the sole of my foot and the sandals, and shook it out. ! When it landed it was a very large dark reddish-brown centipede ,,
it didn't bite me 'cos I felt it and didn't hurt it.. I think it had no idea either where it found itself and was glad to escape.

Happy to say we parted company .. no issues on either side.

Must say it did convince me that Boots are a good idea.. but I still find myself wandering around, not in strapped-on sandals, but in thongs, flip-flops or even jandals... just to clarify that. .


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and those annoying gheko's
OH YES. ! Bloody Asian House Geckos shit me. I only have one... and it annoys me, because all MY ROBUST Geckos that live on my house are quiet... they make no sound, so whenever I hear that ONE f'n, gecko I wish I could call an old friend of mine. He can catch them by hand.!! And has done , twice while I watched in amazement. But then.. after no scrk scrk scrk scrk noises, one was back, and I realised I'D brought this one in.. in a bag of MULCH.. which had a hole in the corner. :doh:mad

So about 2 years now this thing starts up when it is warm. In the winter it is quiet and I hope it is gone, but I know better. I often think murderous thoughts at it when it beeps... think I nearly got it once, but not really on my skill set. SHOULD ring my old friend... :unsure:

But ... probably not a good idea 'cos he is wild.
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poor thing is stuck... he wouldn't get you....
I think he was an amorous snake.

Had a friend with a young python, in a converted fish tank. It got out ... and eventually she found it all coiled up in a drawer with all these old comp leads.. like everyone has.. this poor snake was coiled up around all those different covered cables.

And it got out again and I said did you check the drawer with the old leads and cables..? Oh no haven't done that .. it wouldn't be there.

So a couple of days later my friend called me and said YES actually we did find it.. in the same drawer.

Now, I'm not into keeping snakes and other wild creatures.. I don't see the benefit .. and I think my friend has learned that now.(y)


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Footage taken by a drone in Miami, Florida, recently. The swimmer was totally oblivious. No, he wasn't attacked.



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you should see the reactions when one runs across the INSIDE of your windscreen whilst you're driving Seth ... makes for an interesting ride.:ROFL1


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Beaches and creek mouths north of Pt Adelaide apparently are infested with them.