⮞ ⮞ May God Bless Rush Limbaugh - American Patriot ⮜ ⮜


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May God Bless Rush Limbaugh
~ A True American Patriot & Gallant American Hero ~


Just a few words from some of the millions of hearts you touched Rush:

Mega prayers and Mega dittos, Rush !
Good job! Well done, good and faithful Servant !!!
Fr David Serra
Rush, you have impacted my life in so many ways. ... as a communicator who displayed immense interest in listening to folks with different viewpoints, as a stand for American Exceptionalism, and as my teacher in the Limbaugh Institute to help bring solid understanding to confusing political issues. I will continue my mission to empower Americans to practice freedom of choice and personal accountability with your model as inspiration. I love you RUSH!
I enjoyed listening to him for many years. He will be missed. Praying for his family.
La Berta Goldstein
Rush, we all love you and will miss you. We will continue our fight for conservative values for all people.
You will never be replace ...ever.
Your are a friend and feel Like family after all these years of listening to you.
God Bless you and keep you close to Him.
Sandi Leatherman
Rush Limbaugh, may you pass swiftly through the gates of heaven, into the loving arms of Almighty God. Amen.
Thank you sir, for being one of my true heroes.
George R Hitchcock

Rush, you never game up on how good and decent the American people are. Thank you for loving your followers as though we were family. I started following you from day one of your national show. It was hard to find a station that carried you. AM Radio owes you a great debt of saving that medium and also FM
Ann Sullivan.
You will be remembered for all of the great things and people you’ve helped make it in politics, radio and yes Fox TV. Fly high on that mountain and know how very much you were loved. Tell God you are giving him back the Talent on Loan From God! Katherine and family, thank you for sharing Rush with us. Y’all are in my thoughts and prayers. I just wish I could be at his going home celebration.
Ann Sullivan
America lost a great, and passionate advocate for our rights, and governments limits. I can see him having passionate talks with our founding fathers right now. Rest in peace Rush, thank you for fighting the good fight.
Denise Balding
Sending deepest sympathy, especially to Daniel Limbaugh, my former boss, US Army JAGC, Fort Leonard Wood, MO, in the mid-1970s! Godspeed Rush!
Colleen Hills
R.I.P. Rush Limbaugh. God surely has your mansion prepared. Such a wonderful man.
James Burt
RIP, you are finally home with our Lord where you belong.
Catherine Magee
I want you Kathryn and the entire family to know that I considered Rush to be one of my best friends. That's not because I ever met him but because I knew him. I listened to him beginning in 1991 when I found him on am radio. He spoke for me and validated everything I believed. I loved him and will miss him so much. He was a wonderful patriotic authentic person. I'll never forget him. I look forward to meeting him in person some day in heaven. He is my earthly hero and now he is with our true Hero.
Barb Garrett
Dear Rush,
You will be forever in our hearts and minds. Thank You for all the enlightenment
As a devoted, loyal listener, there will be a huge void and you will be truly missed.
You have created a strong conservative base with a strong foundation to build on.
We will try to make you proud.
May you Rest In Peace and God Bless you and your family.
Patricia Barozie
I will miss hearing the wisdom of Rush forever. El Rushbo was unique. He loved his country and his fellow man. RIP, Rush. You made a big difference in our country and in our lives.
Victoria Bartholow



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There certainly is a place in the afterlife, where Rush can join his other true White American patriots. Were there any minorities on that list of tributes to Rush? I think not!! But in the land of the United States of White America, built off the backs of non-White Americans, Rush was truly a pawn of the giants.



Ima da Sheriff
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I have never heard of him. But....we have our stupid shock jocks here as well. Idiots, both sides.