You're not kidding ... In accordance with Web of Trust is a suspicious domain.


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They are making a HUGE fuss about a tiny bit of doxxing I did ten years ago to get rid of a pest who would get drunk and post vile shit in the Sand Pit here. FD unbanned IQ, one who doxxes people out of malice and now unbanned another serial malicious dixxer. Deflection? Won’t work. She will get pissed at somebody and dox them, just you wait and see.


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Not gonna happen Chuck. Are you an OzPol Member?
But this site is too left I said previously, I'm all depends on the subject matter.

I could easily switch from being a comrade like u buggers to being a right winger ...all depends on the topic!

As an example, I don’t condone Qantas having been given corporate welfare and then encouraging State Premiers getting involved in an auction!
This tactic is purely commercial blackmail by leveraging on politician’s fear on employment figures!

If the business is in such a state, nationalise it and then flog it off to market In the future.....the Fed will simply be behaving like a Private Equity Fund to earn monies for the taxpayer or the Future Fund.

It is simply, the stupidity of our major parties ideology, that they shouldn't get involved in the free market area

I have never condoned the privatisation of essentials asset....being a Comrade....but I have different views on people forcing themselves on us!

Would that make me a well balanced person, politically!