Your faves....

Yes, it's his song :) Was an article about it in the Guardian

This song has my favourite ever guitar solo. Sadly they don't play it live much. I guess it was their most commercial song

My God these forums are much better than the AusPol ones, even if they are still PHP.


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This is commercial software. I keep meaning to have some changes made but life keeps getting in the way. It is heaps better than phpBB3! As for YABB. . .


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Now I’m a little old fashioned but… I used to (and still do) love this song. My mum used to sing it to me when I was young.
Then when she had her stroke December 2018 and was half paralysed and was unable to talk… it was like she had gone back to be like a little girl….. whilst in palliative care before she passed… I sang a lot of songs to her that she would remember including this one…



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hey, I like que sera, sera ... i too grew up with it except mum always had the dean martin version going

I sometimes while doing stuff around the house will break out and sing it .. especially if I'm trying to embarrass the kids


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I grew up in an age of wonderful music by such well known bands like the Beatles, Chicago, The Eagles, and so many more. But even though that era produced so much great music, my favorite piece doesn’t come from that era.

Samuel Barber’s “Adagio For Strings” was written in 1936.

It is impossible to listen to this and not be touched in some way. Said one listener, “One of the most profound compositions ever written. Deep sadness... a sense of hope and even joy comes forth. The struggle of humanity grabs at your soul. Barber was brilliant.”

Said another, “When I hear this piece, it always takes me to a place where I imagine the entire human race weeping in regret for the atrocities that have been committed over the length of time we've inhabited this planet. I weep with them. As the music continues I begin to weep again but this time for the people I've ignorantly and recklessly hurt during my lifetime. Knowing that I'll never likely have the chance to know them again in order to ask for forgiveness and let them know how much I regret my actions and/or words.”

I quoted those thoughts from comments on this piece on YouTube. There are hundreds more, from the heart, deeply personal, intimate.

There are a number of beautiful performances of this piece by full orchestras, but I chose this performance by this quartet to post for you.



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The blind singer Andrea Bocelli reminds me of… when I was 9 years old.. my dad’s cousin Dante came to visit us in Melbourne from Rome… he was an accordion musician and my first encounter with any music was in braille when I watched him reading music with fingers over the little raised bumps on paper. Dante made a TV appearance in IMT (In Melbourne Tonight) in 1963. Anyway… just thought I’d share. :)
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