Wow! This is wild. Elon Musk has been exposed as a victim that needs public empathy.


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Elon Musk's bent dick is front page news since Johnny Depp pointed out that Elon Musk needed to go under the knife.

The question now is how bent is the dick? Is it 90 degrees?

Elon Musk needs our empathy and our help, not derision and mockery.

Peyronie’s disease: the penis condition that affects one in 10 men
Peyronie disease warning exclamation

The life-changing disorder can make sex uncomfortable or impossible, mainly for men in their 40s and older. Embarrassment delays treatment – but attitudes are changing
Simon Usborne
Mon 13 Jan 2020 08.00 GMT
The first sign of trouble for Stephen Jones was a strange notch in his penis. It would only appear during erections. “It was like the skin wasn’t stretching because something was holding it back,” the 49-year-old recalls. Soon, he began experiencing pains in the night. Then his penis developed a bend. “I thought: ‘That’s not right – what’s that about?’”

Jones, who has chosen not to use his real name, did what any concerned middle-aged person would: he researched his symptoms online. The results pointed to a condition he had never heard of before, but which affects as many as one in 10 men: Peyronie’s disease. “To be honest, I’d just associated that word with the beer,” he says.

Peyronie’s is an often painful scarring or bending of the penis that can make sex uncomfortable or impossible. It involves the growth of fibrous plaque, or harder tissue, in the walls of the penis. A ring of plaque can create an hourglass shape in an erection. A growth on one side can bring on a bend. In severe cases, the bend can be 90 degrees or more. ...


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Elon's bent dick has been well zippered lately and has not been subject to exposure to vulnerable women and girls.