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I had to laugh at Bobo believing IQ’s crap about University degrees. I am sure IQ wanted to be educated with degrees but he never got there. He used to say he made up his nick of “IQSRLOW” (IQs are low) because “I got asked stupid questions at work every day.” He also disclosed he worked from home despite “Being an engineer leading projects worth tens of millions of dollars.”

If he was such a high engineer why was he asked stupid questions all day everyday? Nah, not believable. He also logged onto the sewer at the same time every work day, also not typical of someone in such a demanding position.

One day I thought: those are not stupid questions, those are basic questions! IQ works in a call centre! Boy did IQ get mad when I posted that—obviously hit home dead centre and pretty hard! That is when he ended up libelling me which FD never did a thing about—be careful on OzPol and the sewer!

Jim Lahey

Looks like Bobby frequents here to run back to Lyin' Lisa with any information he can glean.


not that I have anything against poof's...