Who wants to NOT be a millionaire quiz!


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How do arseholes relate to your previously mentioned Latin translations? You've looked the word up and are trying to be clever.

I know this because I too have looked the word up and know what you mean by arsehole. An association you didn't know when merely breaking the word down.
I did NOT look the word up. I'm have taught anatomy and physiology for years. "Anatomy" mean to cut, section, or to take out". Deutero means the "second, or next". Like "dos" in Spanish, or "deux" in French.

Regarding assholes, I was making NO association at all. What some people were, and still are, are assholes. Hence WHY I asked for more information. If I don't know something, I will lose very little sleep in not knowing.


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@mothra Well, nevermind about the humans. There are billions of 2-legged humans. I'm guessing there are fewer 4-legged animals than all of us billions of humans. But ...

... the friggin insects! And insects outnumber us, and they have lots of legs.

So my answer is 6.


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mothra’s favorite critters have 8 legs, insects tend to have 6 except for milli and centi pedes. Birds have 2, most mammals have 4 except a certain monky walks on 2.

6 would be about average?