Violence against women


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Fabulous article, Monk. I loved the drawn distinction between privilege and entitlement especially. As in, privilege can be 'checked at the door' but entitlement is usually unconscious. In fact, it relies upon abject refusal of it's presence. That cuts right to the core of the issue. And explains much of the still pervasive attitudes towards women in a whole bunch of ways.

And i appreciated it's nod to acknowledging that capitalism is in essence constructed and dependent upon violence.

I also very much liked her disclaimer against radical feminism, which i not only share i agree so assuredly, i liken them to the dreaded MRA. I resent their presence and find them entirely counter-productive. I'm tired of having to distinguish myself from them.

A cracking read. Thanks for sharing it.


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Re closing of abortion clinics there is a thread here somewhere about “Church using state to control women” and that is in full swing even now. Neolibrealism is part of it, deprive the poor of money, some women turn to prostitution to earn money.