US Police brutality ... case involves an old white lady with dementia who was brutally arrested by police and suffered a fractured arm and bruises


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The old lady had dementia and she wanted to go home. Why couldn't the police just let her go home instead of brutally arresting her?

After brutally assaulting the demented old lady the police then denied her medical attention.

Another compensation payout will be required to mitigate the police brutality.

According to the suit, in the late afternoon of June 26, 2020, Hopp “violently assaulted Garner without provocation” as she was walking home from the east Loveland Walmart.

The suit says Garner suffers from dementia and sensory aphasia, which impairs her ability to communicate and understand. She had left the store at 1325 N. Denver Ave. without paying for $13.38 worth of items, according to the suit. Employees stopped her at the exit to retrieve the items but reportedly refused to let her pay for them.

Then as she walked home, according to the suit, Garner was stopped by Hopp, who called out to her to stop and talk to him. When she indicated she did not understand him, Hopp restrained Garner, with court documents saying he “violently assaulted her, twisting her arms behind her back, throwing her to the ground and handcuffing her.”

Jalali then assisted Hopp with the arrest. Metzler, who later appeared on scene, approved of the arrest, the lawsuit says, and directed that Garner “be denied access to medical care for her injuries afterward,” according to the suit. ...