US denizens are now flush with toilet paper and move upmarket to furniture hoarding ... Have a seat: Patio furniture shortage tells US economic tale


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It appears that US denizens are flush with free money from Covid 19 government charity. They have filled their storage spaces with toilet paper and have now moved upmarket to patio furniture.

The absence of display furniture doesn't even slow down buyers as they buy from photographs of furniture in transit on ships.

Its a good thing that the USA has the ability to manufacture toilet paper because the absence and shortage of patio furniture exemplifies that little else is manufactured in the USA.

Have a seat: Patio furniture shortage tells US economic tale
July 7, 2021

COCKEYSVILLE, Maryland (AP) — People used to go to Valley View Farms to buy five tomato plants and end up with $5,000 in patio furniture.

This year is different. After a record burst of sales in March, the showroom floor is almost empty of outdoor chairs, tables and chaises for people to buy.

The garden supply store in suburban Baltimore has been waiting six months for a shipping container from Vietnam full of $100,000 worth of wicker and aluminum furniture. Half of the container has already been sold by showing customers photographs. The container should have arrived in February, but it reached U.S. waters on June 3 and has just docked in Long Beach, California.

“Everyone is just so far behind,” said John Hessler, 62, the patio section manager. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The Biden economy faces the unusual challenge of possibly being too strong for its own good. ...