Trump has COVID-19


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Funny you should say that. I saw a meme today that said the same thing about resisting arrest by the police and ending up dead.

I wouldn't repost a meme like that because I don't believe in it.

But your underlying mindset is no better than the guy who thought up that meme. No better. The only difference between you and that guy is that the two of you hate different people.
I don't hate anyone, Seth.

Not a single soul.

But I LOVE the fact that so many of those idiots have caught the virus.

Especially that horrid side-show clown/press secretary - I laughed hard at that one.


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We have seen in history what happens when the mob, or the despot, wishes for the death of an opponent.
tell me Seth, what happens when people are so desperate to defend 'their side' that they'll close their eyes to everything else?


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I think doctors are better at treating it now than they were then.
not that much better ..... He went from full blown covid to out and about in 3 days? The thing has a contamination period of at least 2 weeks ... how do they stop that?