Truly, what is trash. . .


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. . .to one man is treasure to another.

Dumpster diver finds heap of green boxes, boxes of the type he has seen before, full of solenoids or COPPER WIRE!

Separates the metals, melts and casts the aluminium, then the copper—3Kg copper bar and lots of aluminium bars. Not sure $$$ spent on gas and $$$ for selling the pure metals.

We need MORE people doing this!



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It's amazing how much money people make from trash

There is a guy who goes out and collects old rusted car bodies from across the outback.
Often there is only half a rusty car that has been there for decades, but he takes it all.
He then sells the parts to the middle east and SE asia. Whatever he cannot sell for parts he sells as scrap metal

I've been told that he makes about $3 million a year doing this