To Petticoat


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You have to admit you have failed as EL, failed dismally. The sewer put on 13 posts over the weekend, including posts in hidden boards.

Now the Lisa Jones poster has left, returned to OzPol because there is no life in the sewer and that poster needs constant attention from others. Soon 13 posts over a weekend will be a mirage, a dream of the past. How long will SprintCyclist hang around? His question re de-stressing is still unanswered a week later.

Your attack on John Smith where he cannot reply is an act of cowardice.

Time to face reality. You do not have what it takes to be EL there.

So, let us back in, resign as EL and let us have, finally, a fair election.


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Perhaps EL leadership candidates should submit a letter of resignation from their future, if elected, EL leadership, with their candidacy application.

MenstrualCyclist is a downhill racer.


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You think Petticoat would accept his own stupidity????
Everyone else knows he's a moron and since he's a moron, his opinion is likely to be moronic 99% of the time (even a broken watch is right twice a day so I'm leaving one percent for such an eventuality).

Anyone with half a brain would account for that when trying to humor him