THIS is bunkum


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From Valkie at OzPol:

I tend to agree lastnail.

I'm an old guy, i'm in good health, and i eat well [i try to avoid eating processed foods], and i try not to overeat.

I have 'experience' in not taking vaccines, in not taking the flu vaccine.

I have never had a flu vaccine,
and i never get colds or flu, ever.

I believe, that i have a strong and 'unencumbered' immune system.
If he is old as he says (recently retired) his immune system is breaking down. That is just a fact of life like liverspots appearing as you age. Silly diets don’t help either.

Yes, you may be healthy but immune systems break down with age. Mum had a cast iron immune system but she now gets every cold going around and she is angry and upset about that. Makes me laugh but there you go.

I turned 65 and my GP immunised me against pneumonia, did a blood test for prostate cancer etc. I don’t believe in the flu vaccine overmuch, only like 2 months protection, but get the shot when I take Mum to get hers. Why not? Some protection is better than none and it is free since I turned 65 (just the other week that was. . .)

I used to get URTI in my last few years working for Dept Defence (in a big, airconditioned building in the city) but left that for small business, no more respiratory problems. Nothing to do with immune system, no more air endlessly recirculated by a/c.


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Retiring and no longer working in air conditioned spaces with hundreds of other people will see a drop off in respiratory disease.

Owning a dog or cat helps the immune system too.