The US GDP has a strong aroma of bullshit ... GDP Jumps to 6.9 Percent in Fourth Quarter 2021, Driven by Strong Inventory Growth


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Perhaps the only real financial data in the USA is the sales of toilet paper as a proxy for the GDP.

Reality is the most scarce commodity in the USA.

What are people going to believe, supply chain disruption, shortages of inputs to manufacturing, labor shortages all stunting the GDP while the GDP is reportedly growing at a 6.9% rate?

I perceive inflation is much higher than 10% and the while of GDP growth is due to inflation.

India reported that its GDP was down by 25% in 2021 which is a more truthful and realistic scenario than the bullshit coming out of America.

The US stock market is rising on the back of government-supplied free money.

The US Federal Government debt is $30+ Trillion and rising fast.

Bullshit is the most abundant resource in the USA at the time of the Covid Pandemic.

... JANUARY 31, 2022
GDP Jumps to 6.9 Percent in Fourth Quarter 2021, Driven by Strong Inventory Growth
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Inventories grew at a $173.5 billion annual rate in the fourth quarter.

GDP grew at a 6.9 percent annual rate in the fourth quarter, somewhat faster than had generally been expected. However, inventory accumulations were the main factor driving growth. Final demand grew at just a 1.9 percent annual rate, as inventories added 4.9 percentage points to the quarter’s growth. GDP is now 3.1 percent above its level in the fourth quarter of 2019, putting it just slightly below the pre-pandemic trend growth path.

Inventories Grow at Rapid Pace

Inventories shrank in the first three quarters of 2021, they rose at an annual rate of $173.5 billion in the fourth quarter. With the demand for goods slowing, both because consumption of durables will be somewhat satiated (people who bought a refrigerator in 2021 don’t buy another one in 2022) and people are switching back to services, there should be less stress on supply chains in the months ahead. ...