The song remains the same ....


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@Aussie I really enjoyed that Aussie.

I have posted a lot of contemporary music on here from popular musicians and singers. But orchestral music is different. For me, the music that a full orchestra can produce is deep and rich, and it can evoke emotion.

This one does that for me. It reminds me of my son and his story of life. He has sacrificed a lot in the service of his country, physically and emotionally. This music reminds me not of the first time he went, but of all the times he returned to do it again.

A beautiful piece, and unfortunately, I cannot find a live performance of it. It's called "Look Around You".



Ima da Sheriff
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This is the one which triggers Aussie song. Vietnam War. My time. I was not conscripted thanks to an accident of my birth date, but many of my mates including my Brother lost the Lottery and were forced into the Army. Brother just missed being sent to Vietnam after Whitlam was elected PM and said nah to 'All the way with LBJ.' Reckon you have heard this here before.