The Republi-CONS


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In response to DreamRyderX's name for the Democrats (the 'demon-rats' as he calls them), I've decided to come up with my own name for the Republicans (the 'republi-cons'). I think this is an appropriate name for the Republican Party because they are full of con-artists and have been pushing the biggest cons in American history.

Con #1: the Republican party is the 'Party of Lincoln'.

- They used to be but no longer. The abolition of slavery and the 'free soil' movement was a progressive idea and movement. The Right today berate the demon-rats and progressives for their policies, but don't realize that the Republican Party was founded on progressive values and principles.

Con #2: the Republican party was never progressive.

- Who was the first President of the Progressive Era, and called himself a progressive? Theodore Roosevelt - the Progressive President. President Roosevelt (Teddy) supported regulation of corporations, expanded federal government, trust busting, and supported the eight-hour working day. After he left office, his successor William H. Taft turned the Republican Party toward its conservative path, and Roosevelt wasn't happy with this, which is why he created the Progressive (Bull Moose) Party.

Con #3: Nixon never had a Southern Strategy.

- Rubbish. This is clearly well documented and known - Nixon campaigned on States' Rights and 'Law and Order' as a dog-whistle to court the Southern vote.

Con #4: Reagan tax cuts led to economic growth.

- Sure, but devastated the middle-class. Wage growth has been stagnant since 1980, the year that Reagan become President.


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Reagan did the racist dog whistle too, talked about States Rights meaning no more forced integration etc. Instead southerners now work under industrial relations laws that allow them to be fired at a moments notice without recourse, hence the slow wages rise.