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A former federal president of the Nationals, Christine Ferguson, has issued a call to arms to young women in the party, saying they need to speak up about their bad experiences to drive cultural change, while also criticising the party for losing touch with its grassroots members.

Ferguson, a widely respected figure in the party who has served as both federal and New South Wales president, also raised concern that the Nationals were not doing enough to foster young talent, saying she was worried the party was not always choosing its “brightest and best” for public office.

The intervention comes amid heated discussion within the Nationals about the future direction of the party after the reinstatement of Barnaby Joyce as leader, the preselection of former state director Ross Cadell for a plum Senate position in NSW, and after the Queensland senator Matt Canavan said farmers were no longer a core constituency of the Nationals.

The Nats have been the Party of mining for some decades. By destroying the Murray River Plan they will see farmers forced off the land by poor quality saline irrigation water. They certainly will not be looking to offset the drying of the southern half of the continent by AGW.