Stunning life-saving advice: US magazine Popular Mechanics advises you how to get out of a "submerged" car in the water ...


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The best and most 'stable' geniuses in America were consulted by Popular Mechanics.

Their stunning advice ... "get out before it sinks". They missed the point that if it is "submerged" it is already sunk.

Who would ever have conceived such a clever idea as "get out before it sinks".

They missed the concept of 'don't drive your car into deep water'.

... “The best way to get out of a sinking car is to get out before it sinks underwater,” Rhett Allain, associate professor of physics at Southeastern Louisiana University, tells Popular Mechanics. “If you can open the window or door right away and get out—you should be fine. However, if the car goes underwater, you have a problem.” ...