Spencer Repeating Rifle


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The Henry Lever action used during the civil war lacked the wallop for Buffalo hunting, unless you were making a Western with John Wayne in Hollywood.

If you wanted to see an early model realistic Buffalo Rifle, you actually needed to wait 'till the 1870's

Here's one......it was able to pop a massive Buffalo from far out with punch.

Here's another......an actual Buffalo Rifle - 1874 Sharps Rifle:

Yeah I know there was a breed called Buffalo Rifle. but western novels were my source.

Scumbags used them. Greedy arseholes used them.


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Hungry assholes used 'em too.......Redskins - them too..........not all Redskins & Settlers were bitter enemies, many traded.

A good Buffalo Rifle could bring an attentive squaw into one's wickiup courtesy of a grateful Chief who had more than he could use, for those cold nights on the Plains.
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