Royal Commission into Veteran suicides


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Jacqui Lambie

In my first speech as a Senator, I called for a Royal Commission into veteran suicide. It's the end of a long fight. For me, for Julie-Ann, for Karen, for Colleen, for Nikki, for too many to name. Today's the end of a fight, and the start of a whole new one. #VetsWeForget
1:14 PM · Apr 19, 2021·TweetDeck


Wonder woman
AND .... I hpe it is more effective than all those OTHER Royal Commissons, but I doubt it.

It is just one of those diversions, and time-users.. so everyone who aren't directly involved forget about it.

Another time-wasting exercise, which will languish on someone's desk for at least a yr or a decade.

Action is necessary, not another talk fest and 'vision statement'. And making those commissioner's whoever they may be, even richer than they are now.

What a crock of shit.