Remember when Singapore dollar was 3.5 to A$ in 1973-75


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It is now parity and at times has been more valuable than the A$.

Bruce and Sheila, please try and keep up with Asia if it is not too inconvenient.

The Chinese Renminbi has gone the opposite way from 1 to 7 to A$ currently at 5.04.

Remember the 1970s - 1980s when you could buy cheap duty-free goods in Singapore? It is no longer the case. Singapore's prices are no better than elsewhere.
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I do remember as my parents went there and came back with a beautiful sapphire and 14k gold ring as a present for (was $80 au at the time)
I had that ring valued about 8 years ago and it was $600. Probably same or more now I suppose.
So cheap it was to go and shop in Singapore at the time was the catch phrase.
In mid 2018 (last overseas trip before Covid hit) we went to Singapore and man.. oh man ... it’s expensive and quite posh there!!
Admittedly it’s a beautiful place.
I would go back there again. Went on top of the Marina Sands buildings and what a view from up there! It’s a magnificent building that looks like a boat at the very top.
Back to prices... accomodation was very expensive, something like $1400 for 4 nights.
Also do you recall how our au dollar was worth 400 Japanese yen back in the 70s ? Even against the US dollar Au dollar was worth heaps! We could almost buy a dozen “yank tanks” on the cheap!
I don’t get it now... why is out AU$ worth so much less????


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We have little industry since John Howard hollowed out our economy and industry moved to China.
Australian industry was in decline before the emergence of John Howard.

Even with the devaluation of the A$ since the 1970s when A$ 1 = US$ 1.3+. Even in the 1980s it was A$ 1=US$ 1.25

Tariffs are a double-edged sword that increases prices of imported goods and reduces competition in Australia which causes Australian industry to discard any pretense of ever becoming competitive.

The problem in Australia is there is no leadership at all levels of society. The tall poppy syndrome ensures that anybody who sticks his head above the scrum will be mowed down mercilessly.

She'll be right mate as long as brewers and pubs don't go bankrupt.


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Yeah, need contributions to industry (real ones, not just sitting behind a desk for 30 years) science, engineering, medicine recognised with honors. CSIRO could get let off the leash and given more funding, ditto the ABC—produce more science programs for one. Where is Catalyst? New Inventors? Incisive political reporting—Murdoch peddles propaganda only, not reliable so need ABC.