Record number of COVID-hit Australians in hospital as Omicron surges


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but are many panicking in fear of their sniffles cold/flu and going to hospital for???? To get checked they breathing okay?
Two things to remember…. If breathing okay and no chest pains…. Then stay home in bed, rest, drink plenty fluid…. Take Panadol if feeling a bit feverish.
Geez I been doing that for years all my life! I’m not going to hospital for that! I never did in January when I was knocked out for a six with symptoms from both delta and omicron!
As long as I could breath okay and no chest pains… I thought…. I’m a bit lucky perhaps? It wasn’t mild like many have it with omicron….

what I want to know… how many that are going to hospital with a flu/covid symptoms….how long do they stay and how long before being discharged before any tests prove it mild etc?

well the good news is (touch wood) I’m still okay… no sniffles etc so maybe I still have anti bodies from January covid….But I’m on hydroxachloraquine now because of lupus recently diagnosed. No wonder I used to catch everything going around!
And…. doing some reading up …. finally after 42 years… I found my answer… why I had miscarried in first trimester….. very common with lupus sufferers.
And… I should’ve been diagnosed decades ago… but you know what….. it was lacking with doctors here in my urban area… and none of us were ever referred to specialists…. And …. Being female… was “all in my head” (arrogance amongst male doctors was so obvious)
That’s what we females had to put up with back then :rolleyes:
We now have a lot more doctors and female ones too! I had to survive all those decades to arrive at better health/medical care.


Another article to amplify Squire's OP.

"Hospital admissions for Covid-19 in Australia have reached a new high for a second straight day, data showed on Tuesday, while the daily death toll rose to its second-highest as an outbreak fuelled by a coronavirus sub-variant sweeps the country.
Nearly 5,600 patients infected with Covid are in hospital while 100 new deaths were reported, just short of a record 102 deaths on Saturday.

Nearly 330,000 infections have been reported over the last seven days but authorities say the real numbers could be double that.

"It's time to come together again and fight: get vaccinated, use a mask in crowds and indoors, and stay home if you're sick," said the premier of hard-hit Queensland state, Annastacia Palaszczuk.

The Covid flare-up is being driven by the highly infectious BA.4/5 Omicron sub-variant, and it is putting severe pressure on hospitals and retirement homes."

Queensland, battling its worst outbreak in the pandemic, expects its patient numbers to peak in around late August, modelling from the state's health department showed.
Along with rising hospitalisations, many front-line workers are off sick or in isolation, worsening the crisis.

Hospitals will add beds and shift more staff to front-line duties, Palaszczuk said.
In Victoria state, more than 8% of staff in the health sector, or about 10,000 employees, are off sick, Premier Daniel Andrews told reporters.

Like many countries, Australia has ditched its toughest coronavirus precautions and has been living with the virus since early this year.

Authorities are resisting the pressure to reinstate them, including calls from some doctors to make masks mandatory indoors.

Instead, they have urged businesses to let staff work from home and recommended people to get booster shots urgently.

About 71% of the eligible population have had boosters compared with 95% who had two shots.

In all, the country of nearly 26 million people has reported about 9.2 million Covid cases and 11,300 deaths."

Alas, there are some people who don't want to have covid vaccines, nor take other precautions. They don't care about adding to hospital admissions, straining our medical system, spreading the disease to other people and possibly killing them.


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Why do I get this impression it’s only covid unvaxxed supposedly going to hospitals?

here’s one that cropped up that is covid vaxxed…and his reason for continuous hospital entry.