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I used to like writing programs in BASIC, wrote an order entry and invoicing program in it. My first business started because I owned a computer. We moved to different software and I forgot about it for a while. However, I have downloaded Xojo, formerly known as RealBASIC.

My my, not quite the same as the 1980s Microsoft BasCom compiler! There is a User Interface to build, not just the familiar “PRINT XYZ.”

Can build web applications, a lot is included in the package. Could help here maybe.

I would love to learn how to write software to help with arrangement of my fruit trees, track batches of cider (Weight and variety of fruit, OG, pH, titratable acidity. Batch numbers, volume of must and cider, temperature, wind and precipitation in growing season, tasting notes, blending done etc down to printing bottle labels. As an intellectual exercise more than anything.

php might be the next language to learn.