Probationary membership of the sewer


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Imagine the Jones poster being a Gmod....

she was running as El a few years ago ... as soon as I found out I went into my profile there and changed my email address there to fuckyou@gmail ... my real email address has my name in it and I don't want putrid doxers like lisa getting anywhere near my real identity


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Been trying to get Bobo to invite Jim to join there. The humorless clown still thinks (or Lying Lisa says it and he dare not contradict her) you are a multiple sock.

Funniest thing I have ever seen on OzPol how the rightwhingers there fell for your impersonation of a multi-nick sock :ROFL1 :ROFL1 :ROFL1

Heheheh I referred to “Lying Lisa” in on of my first posts there and the clown now thinks I am one of the controllers of the Jim “sock!” Bobo is so stupid and so humorless!