Perhaps Islam is right in requiring 5 male witnesses to prove a rape case


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Look at the Assange rape case in Sweden where he was falsely accused of rape by a woman who had an association with the CIA where he was accused of allegedly sabotaging a condom and the woman did not claim to have said no and did not deny being a willing participant and did not deny knowing the condom was defective from the commencement of the act.

Having sex with a woman has become a risky act unless there is a signed declaration or witnesses.

Perhaps Islam is right in requiring 5 male witnesses to rape.
This is actually a lie. Witnesses are required if a woman is accused of sexual impropriety. Islam creates a system where loose accusations against WOMEN can't stand


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I can't believe i'm reading this.

Unfy, something has happened to you since all this Amber Heard stuff. Stop it. It's disgraceful.

As for Julian Assange, under Swedish law, he os alleged to have raped two women. They both claim that he removed the condom before ejaculating. Around the same time, he was bragging on Wikileaks (and to friends and colleagues) about how he intended to leave his "seed" in as many women as possible.