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keep voting libs for long enough and we'll be able to see it first hand
since you guys insist on bringing politics into everything...

In 1985 the Labor Government repealed Acts No. 39, 40 and 41 of 1945 (The National Welfare Fund Acts) and introduced the Income and Asset Tests, thus excluding millions of Australians from receiving the Social Services Pension. Much of this money was used for other purposes including the completion of the New Parliament House. Mr. Hawke is reputed to have said they would work out how to fund pensions when the time came. They continued to collect the 7.5% levy and to this day it still is collected. Every retired person has paid into this scheme and every worker is still paying the levy as part of their taxes.

There have been estimates that the trillions of dollars stolen from the fund would be enough to pay a non-means tested pension to every retiree of more than $500 a week

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's decision to dump a plan, announced by former treasurer Joe Hockey in the 2014 budget, to increase the retirement age to 70 from 2035.

Instead, people will be allowed to access the aged pension at 67 — an age requirement introduced by the Gillard Labor government

It's not the Liberal's who did the means test and raised the Pension, it was fucking Labor both times you idiots first Hawke/Keaton then Gillard.....
I noticed ScoMo bumped the idea or raising it to 70 on the head though
..... :groan :tweed smackhead


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Hawke was last in govt. about 30 years ago Don, since then the govt. of the day has been mostly liberal governments. Surely they could have rectified that decision if it was an issue?

Real increases in the pension since then have been almost non existent. Oh sure, they'd had there regular 'cpi' increases .. but they aren't in keeping with the real world. Rent, electricity, water, and a raft of other essentials all shot up at much greater rates than CPI ever does.

Just in the last 5 years rents in greater Sydney have increased an average of about 20%. I doubt pensions have gone up a total of 20% in the 30 years since Hawke was PM.


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No.. and the CPI..?

I have a purchased pension , small ... that might increase 1% if that, on the pension increase day.. wow an $1.38 , in my yrly rate.... if THAT much.. As for the age/disability support pension.. the government keeps chucking in little sweeteners... like wow I'm going to get $250 .. one off in December, and another in March 2021.

They are SO generous with their cronies, and treat low income earners like dirt.


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keep voting libs for long enough and we'll be able to see it first hand
67 — an age requirement introduced by the Gillard Labor government

Labor increased the retirement age ,,, and ScoMo has dismissed a bill to make it higher... that is reality... not your imaginings.


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The increase to the retirement age was done in increments and I have not seen Libs scrap the increase in retirement age. The age will be lifted again if demographics keep showing increasing life expectancy.

Meantime the Libs have pretty much scrapped the Invalid Support Pension so if you are unable to work you get put on the dole and have to look for work.

Now the fucking Libs are going to fuck with compulsory super. Let them buy a house and then we will include the house in the assets test.