Pathetic Australian political conspiracy pulls the rug from under Djokovic


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Because of the international implications, it is evident that the decision to cancel Djokovic's visa was a cabinet-level political decision for the benefit of ScoMo and the Liberal party to make the government look tough on Covid.

Australia granted the visa. Then Australia canceled the visa.

If the grant of the visa was wrong in the first instance the official who made the mistake should have been exposed and fired and Djokovic should have been granted the right to submit any further evidence or documentation.

This has the appearance of politically-motivated skullduggery.

Two independent teams of experts examined the application by Djokovic and both passed the application for an exemption. Then a committee of dolts known as ScoMo's cabinet rejected the application after Djokovic's arrival in Australia.

... Australian Open organizers said in a statement on Tuesday that Djokovic's exemption was "granted following a rigorous review process involving two separate independent panels of medical experts."

During a news conference Wednesday, CEO of Tennis Australia Craig Tiley defended the impartiality of the medical exemption review process, telling reporters, "No one knew who the applicant was." ...


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Once again the liberal party stuffing up what should have been a fairly simple process just so that scummo can get his name on air


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Will it win votes?
I doubt it. .. i think most people still see it as another cock up. In these cases it should be up to the medical board (ATAGI) to decide if he meets the criteria for an exemption (which they did) and then justify their decision to the public (which they failed to do).

Scummo getting involved because people were complaining he got special treatment will backfire. Politicians politicising sports is generally frowned upon by the Aussie spectatotors. Apart from the odd photo shoot, politicians should stay away.


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Djokovic serving against ScoMo 40-0.

ScoMo misses again. ScoMo's best shots are air shots.

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The official injunction order in DJOKOVIC v MINISTER FOR HOME AFFAIRS has just been filed … Until 4.00pm on Monday or further order, the Minister and her agents are restrained from removing Novak from Australia.
The final hearing 10AM Monday 🎾🎾… see you in/on court. 🎾🎾
4:30 PM · Jan 6, 2022·Twitter for iPhone


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This has the appearance of a political stunt by ScoMo which will embarrass the government and Australia.

Djokovic received a visa and got on a plane in Dubai. When he got off the plane in Australia the visa was canceled.

If there was a mistake by a government official to issue the visa in the first instance this should be exposed and the official fired.

If the visa cancellation was a political stunt it should be exposed and reversed.

The government has to justify itself.

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The Labor party couldn't hope for a better gift as the election looms.

ScoMo is sweating buckets as he tries to prevent Djokovic from communicating with the public and the media. ScoMo fears Djokovic denouncing him, mocking him, and vilifying him.

The Serbian president has denounced ScoMo's political stunt.

"Novak Djokovic is a victim of a “political witch hunt”, claimed Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic, as the father of the tennis superstar said his son had been “crucified” like Jesus Christ."

It is evident that Djokovic is being subjected to extraordinary treatment by being denied communication and having his baggage and other goods withheld.

It is evident that this is a political stunt by ScoMo.

However, it appears likely that Djokovic will be allowed by the court to play tennis while the court awaits a hearing and the presentation of legal arguments by the parties.

If Djokovic plays in the Australian open ScoMo will have lost and he may also have lost the election because of a misjudgment.

If the Australian government thugs breached the government's own rules for the treatment of isolated travelers this will go badly for ScoMo as it will prove that the Djokovic case was a political stunt.

... “In the first 45 minutes I think, he was communicating to the family & team, and that abruptly stopped,” he said during a press conference in Belgrade.

“He had no contact whatsoever as his phone had been taken away from him for three and a half hours.”

Djokovic was eventually given back his phone and taken into another isolation room, his brother added.

After his visa was revoked, Djokovic was taken through Melbourne Airport’s metal detectors and had all his belongings and suitcases taken away from, according to his brother.

“His wallet and change of clothes were taken away from him,” said Djordje. “He was taken to the migrant hotel, to a dirty room and was told that all his belongings will be given back to him on his departure to Europe.” ...
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The feces is airborne, and ScoMo is standing by the fan.

Djokovic is still here as ScoMo's political stunt sets to unravel.

The regulations are intended to prevent infections. If Djokovic is currently not infected with Covid 19, can the removal regulations prevail?

The other questions will be whether ScoMo has caused Djokovic's rights to be violated.

Could it be possible that Daniel Andrews has tricked ScoMo into imploding his election chances by Andrews having issued letters stating that Djokovic had been cleared by two committees of experts which could withstand judicial consideration? Furthermore, other players and their associates were granted entry by the same letters from Tennis Australia, and the Australian Border Gestapo did not throw them into the brig.

Others have been granted entry to Australia under the same conditions that Djokovic was denied entry under. Could the only difference be that the others were silent while Djokovic revealed his situation publicly? If Djokovic is deported, will others now be deported and throw the Australian open into chaos? ...

... or has Djokovic played a master game to get one or two byes to pass him through the opening rounds while the court case progresses.

Has ScoMo been bageled?

... Djokovic, who is currently staying at Park Hotel, had his appeal lodged in the Federal Circuit and Family Court.

It was set for 4pm but judge Anthony Kelly said he did not have an application from Djokovic against the ABF’s decision to cancel his visa.

As a result, the case was adjourned until 6pm before later being delayed until Monday morning at 10am, with Djokovic’s camp still not ready to face the judge.

At the moment he looks set to be remaining in Australia until Monday.

Judge Kelly said the current order “intended to be a brief interim restraint that would operate until perhaps Monday or until further order and contain the qualification that the person themselves might voluntarily request their removal” according to ABC News reporter Stephanie Ferrier. ...
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What a colossal screwup. A political stunt that has gone haywire.

ScoMo is lying and his election prospects are unraveling as ScoMo needs to explain why the Australian Border Gestapo asked the Victorian Government to "sponsor" the entry of Djokovic, whatever that means. Does that mean that ScoMo needed to be able to blame the Victorian government as a publicity stunt? And, when that didn't happen ScoMo took the political decision to detain Djokovic?

Notice that people with direct knowledge are divulging information "speaking anonymously" meaning they don't want to face retribution from ScoMo and the Australian Border Gestapo for exposing them.

... A source close to Tennis Australia, speaking anonymously, said it appeared federal officials blocked Djokovic’s entry to avoid the potentially unpopular appearance of allowing him into the country with a medical exemption.

“I don’t know how the feds will [address the fact that] several tennis players are already in the country with the same exemption granted to Novak,” the source said.

“This looks to us like the feds are responding to the media by letting some players in but not the World No. 1.”

In a separate issue that complicated his arrival, acting Victorian Sports Minister Jaala Pulford said Border Force officials contacted the state government hours before Djokovic landed. The 20-time grand slam winner was attempting to enter the country on a visa that did not permit medical exemptions for being unvaccinated, a source briefed on the matter told The Age and the Herald.

As a result, Ms Pulford said Border Force sought Victorian government support to facilitate Djokovic’s entry. The federal agency asked for the Andrews government’s support because Victoria partners with Tennis Australia in running the event that Djokovic sought his visa for. Victorian officials asked the federal authorities to put their request in writing and Ms Pulford said the request to sponsor Djokovic’s visa was rejected.

In a late-night tweet, Ms Pulford said the Victorian government would not be supporting Djokovic’s visa application.

However, on Thursday morning a spokeswoman for Border Force and Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews rejected Ms Pulford’s claims. ...
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This is a screwup by ScoMo and his cabinet of dolts.

It is evident that Djokovic's lawyers believe that there is reason to believe that a judge will allow Djokovic to play in the Australian Open, otherwise they would not be wasting everybody's time, particularly Djokovic's time.

Djokovic was detained for 8 hours before his visa was canceled which demonstrates that the action was political.

Furthermore, the Australian Border Gestapo claim that they review all incoming travel visa applications to ensure "returning Australians are not displaced and the general Australian community is protected from unnecessary risk. At the very least, those criteria are vague. From Hunt's letter to TA:


ScoMo is playing a dead rubber.

Leaked letter PROVES Tennis Australia caused Novak Djokovic's visa debacle by wrongly telling unvaxxed players they could enter Australia if they'd been infected with Covid in the last six months
  • Tennis Australia sent letter in early December which was passed onto top players
  • Letter said unvaccinated could enter if they had Covid-19 in the past six months
  • Federal Government had told Tennis Australia in November this was not the case
  • Novak Djokovic remains in a hotel in Melbourne after his visa was cancelled

PUBLISHED: 10:12 GMT, 7 January 2022 | UPDATED: 12:39 GMT, 7 January 2022

A leaked document has shown Tennis Australia wrongly informed unvaccinated players they could enter the country for the Australian Open if they had caught Covid-19 within the last six months.
Novak Djokovic is being held in a hotel in Melbourne after his visa was cancelled as he did not meet visa requirements needed to enter Australia.
A letter was sent by Tennis Australia on December 7 to the Association of Tennis Professionals and then passed onto players, the Herald Sun reported.
The document said unvaccinated players needed to prove they'd had the virus within the past six months in order to enter.
Djokovic's team are believed to have applied for his visa relying on a recent Covid infection.

A leaked document has shown Tennis Australia wrongly informed unvaccinated players they could enter the country for the Australian Open if they caught Covid-19 within the last six months. Novak Djokovic's team are believed to have relied on his recent Covid infection to enter the country
Pictured is the letter sent by Tennis Australia to the Association of Tennis Professionals and then passed onto players

Pictured is the letter sent by Tennis Australia to the Association of Tennis Professionals and then passed onto players
The letter said players could be given temporary medical exemption if they had contracted Covid-19 in last six months

The letter said players could be given temporary medical exemption if they had contracted Covid-19 in last six months
However, Tennis Australia had already been notified by the Federal Government in November that prior infections would not allow the unvaccinated into the country.
The document sent by TA outlined the two-step process players who haven't been jabbed needed to follow in order to play.
The letter said those players needed an overseas medical exemption certificate and a second exemption either signed off by an Australian medical practitioner or a panel of expert medical personnel.
A section of the letter included reasons for a temporary medical exemption.

'Recent PCR-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection (after 31 July 2021), where vaccination can be deferred until six months after the infection,' it said.
'If you fall into this category, please provide laboratory PCR result from the first positive test, antibody levels if available and evidence of any previous or subsequent vaccinations if relevant,.
'The current ATAGI guidance for those who have had a recent Covid infection is to be vaccinated once you have recovered from the acute illness.
'It may also assist the independent panel if you can provide a letter from your doctor or public health authority as to why you have not received a full dose of an approved vaccination following COVID-19 infection.'

It's believed Djokovic (pictured with wife Jelena) had applied for a visa to enter the country under the exemption he had contracted Covid within the past six months
But a letter sent by Greg Hunt to Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley at the end of November shows the health minister had warned Australian Open officials that a recent infection would not grant players an exemption.
'The Australian Border Force has advised that people must be fully vaccinated, as defined by ATAGI (the national advisory body on vaccines) to gain quarantine-free entry into Australia,' Mr Hunt wrote.
'In relation to your specific questions, I can confirm that people who contracted Covid-19 within the past six months and seek to enter Australia from overseas, and have not received two doses of a Therapeutic Goods Administration-approved or recognised vaccine are not considered fully vaccinated.'

Explosive emails from Health Minister Greg Hunt to the CEO of Tennis Australia prove the organisation had sufficient warning Novak Djokovic would not be granted entry to Australia
A letter sent by Greg Hunt to Craig Tiley at the end of November shows the health minister warning Australian Open officials that a recent infection would not grant players an exemption

A letter sent by Greg Hunt to Craig Tiley at the end of November shows the health minister warning Australian Open officials that a recent infection would not grant players an exemption
Mr Hunt specifically reiterated to Mr Tiley that 'major sporting events' were at the mercy of 'relevant jurisdiction'

Mr Hunt specifically reiterated to Mr Tiley that 'major sporting events' were at the mercy of 'relevant jurisdiction'
Mr Tiley had previously written to Mr Hunt and the health department for clarity on unvaccinated entrants, with the Tennis Australia boss receiving two separate and crucial replies.
The letters, obtained by NCA Newswire, prove the federal government had given Australia's tennis officials significant time to inform Djokovic and other tennis players hoping to enter unvaccinated.
The 34-year-old world no.1 had believed an infection within the last six months would allow him to skip jab requirements, but Mr Hunt said only ATAGI's definition of fully vaccinated would see players pass through the border.
'At this time, decisions to to support travel requests into Australia are carefully assessed by the Australian Border Force,' he wrote.
'The key consideration in the Commonwealth granting travel approvals including quarantine and flight arrangements, is to ensure returning Australians are not displaced and and that the general Australian community is protected from unnecessary health risk.'

Mr Hunt said only ATAGI's definition of 'fully vaccinated' would see players pass through the border, which does not include an infection within the past six months
  • I can confirm that people who contracted Covid-19 within the past six months and seek to enter Australia from overseas, and have not received two doses of a Therapeutic Goods Administration-approved or recognised vaccine are not considered fully vaccinated.'
  • 'The Australian Border Force has advised that people must be fully vaccinated, as defined by ATAGI (the national advisory body on vaccines) to gain quarantine-free entry into Australia.'
  • 'I encourage sporting organisations, including Tennis Australia, to continue to work with the Australian Border Force, state and territory health authorities and venues on Covid-safe plans for events, including for international travel where this is relevant.'
Mr Hunt specifically reiterated to Mr Tiley that 'major sporting events' were at the mercy of 'relevant jurisdiction' and that Tennis Australia should be ensuring they are working alongside Australian Border Force officials to ensure players were eligible to enter.
'We encourage travellers to consult the requirements the state or territory they wish to enter to compete in the Australian Open and summer series lead-in events, to ensure they can meet the relevant entry requirements,' the health minister penned.
'I encourage sporting organisations, including Tennis Australia, to continue to work with the Australian Border Force, state and territory health authorities and venues on Covid-safe plans for events, including for international travel where this is relevant.'
The email is littered with links to official advice from the ABF and ATAGI regarding entry information, with a final reminder from Mr Hunt that players should be encouraged to do their own homework.
'Finally, it is important to note that each individual is responsible for ensuring they meet the requirements for travel to and within Australia,' he stated.
It is not known whether Mr Tiley had any correspondence or communication with Djokovic or his team prior to the Serbian's attempt to enter the country.
Mr Tiley also received another letter from Mr Hunt's department, sent nearly two weeks earlier by the National Covid Taskforce First Assistant Secretary Lisa Schofield.

Djokovic now faces deportation back home, and is under police guard in a hotel in the CBD while his lawyers fight for his right to play
In the letter, Ms Schofield writes on behalf of two professors from ATAGI, also confirming that a recent infection does not constitute fully vaccinated status in Australia.
'ATAGI notes that natural immunity from past infection is recognised in several countries, however ATAGI also notes the challenge of confirming past infection and uncertainties of the duration of protection,' she wrote.
'While evidence suggests past infection reduces the risk of reinfection for at least six months (and thus may be regarded as a temporary exemption for vaccination for a maximum of six months), ATAGI advises that two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine (or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine) according to a recommended schedule is required in order to be considered fully vaccinated.'

Serbian tennis fans wave flags in support of Djokovic outside of his hotel in Melbourne after the world's best tennis player was detained by the Australian Border Force
The letters show that Mr Tiley, Tennis Australia and the Australian Open were fully aware that Djokovic's basis for his exemption was invalid.
Whether that was relayed to the Serbian and his team remains to be seen, but he remains locked in a Melbourne hotel room while his legal team await a ruling from a federal court.
Upon touching down in Melbourne about 11.30pm on Wednesday, the outspoken vaccine critic was whisked away and interrogated by immigration officials.
By Thursday morning, Australian border force officials confirmed his visa had been cancelled.

Upon touching down in Melbourne about 11.30pm on Wednesday, Djokovic was whisked away and interrogated by immigration officials
Initial reports suggested the visa he was granted did not allow medical exemptions for the unvaccinated, but Mr Morrison later confirmed that regardless, no exemption was in place.
The multi-millionaire athlete was taken to the Park Hotel in Melbourne's Carlton where dozens of immigration detainees are housed on bridging visa or as they await urgent medical care.
Just days ago detainees posted photos online allegedly showing maggots in the meals they had been served along with mouldy bread.
The facility has also been the scene of multiple fires and Covid outbreaks.
Djokovic's case will be heard in court on Monday.


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It is evident that ScoMo and a committee of dolts known as the cabinet are responsible for the fiasco.

Renata Voracova was permitted entry under the same conditions as Djokovic and she is now being expelled.

No matter what TA's role was in the fiasco, it is the government that is responsible for the issue of visas and they did issue visas. The government had plenty of warning but took no action until Djokovic arrived.


The Australian government is a clown car headed for a crash.

Tennis player Renata Voracova speaks out after being tracked down by police in Novak Djokovic fallout
Glenn Valencich
Published: 08/01/2022

Czech tennis player Renata Voracova has declared she will not fight her sudden deportation from Australia, after border officials tracked her down and cancelled her visa.

The 38-year-old doubles specialist is currently being held at the same Melbourne hotel where world No.1 Novak Djokovic is staying while his legal battle continues.

But Voracova could be on her way back to Europe by Saturday night.

Djokovic’s bid to enter Australia this week led authorities to revisit visas given to Voracova and an unidentified tennis coach who has already left the country.

“The federal officials let me in immediately,” Voracova told Czech reporters on Friday of her initial arrival.

“I was held at the Victoria state checkpoint as they sent my papers somewhere, but then they confirmed I was free to enter without problems.

“I don’t understand why they would come to me after a week and say, look, the rules that applied do not apply any more.”

Doubles specialist Renata Voracova (second from left) will not take part in the Australian Open.

Voracova, Djokovic and the coach are believed to have followed Tennis Australia (TA) guidance that a recent COVID-19 infection was grounds to enter Australia on a medical exemption from the vaccine.

It has since been revealed TA was told multiple times by federal health officials, including Health Minister Greg Hunt, that advice does not apply to unvaccinated travellers.

TA, in a statement issued on Friday, said it would “reject completely that the playing group was knowingly misled”.

Regardless, the situation has burdened Voracova after she was collected by police officers, questioned and then taken to the Park Hotel.

“It felt like in an action movie and it wasn’t pleasant at all,” the tennis player said.

Voracova was already living free in Melbourne and had played a doubles match in a lead-up tournament ahead of the Australian Open.

She said it was impossible to follow in Djokovic’s footsteps and launch a bid to stay in the country and the tournament.

“I would have to ask for another visa and wait for a week, locked up in a hotel, without training,” Voracova said.

“It doesn’t make sense. So I’m waiting for a permit (to fly out of Australia) on Saturday perhaps.

“I would like them to let him (Djokovic) play. We are athletes, we have come here to play tennis and not to deal with disputes behind the scenes.”

Voracova is not in contact with Djokovic at the “unpleasant” hotel.

“I’m in a room and I can’t go anywhere,” she said.

“My window is shut tight, I can’t open it five centimetres.

“And there are guards everywhere, even under the window, which is quite funny. Maybe they thought I would jump and run away,”

“They bring me food and there’s a guard in the corridor. You have to report, everything is rationed. I feel a bit like in prison.

“The men in plain clothes with the police came for me and deported me to the local detention hotel. You don’t expect anything like this to meet you here.

“Beetles and insects are not here, but it is not a place where you would like to spend more time.” ...


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The plot thickens.

ScoMo is sweating buckets because Djokovic chose to fight instead of meekly exiting the country.

Evidently, Djokovic had a letter from the Immigration Department clearing him for entry.

This is a disgrace for Australia and will humiliate TA and the Australian Government. If Djokovic stays the Government could be sued for others that have been expelled under similar circumstances.

Tennis world number one Novak Djokovic contracted Covid-19 last month but was not experiencing symptoms and had written clearance from Australia’s immigration department before travelling to the country with a medical exemption from its vaccination rules, his lawyers said in a court filing on Saturday.

Djokovic, who is in immigration detention in Australia after having his visa cancelled on arrival on Thursday, returned his first positive coronavirus test on Dec. 16, 2021, but 14 days later “had not had a fever or respiratory symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 72 hours”, the filing said. ...


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Djokovic faces up to 3 year ban from Australia if he loses his appeal(s).

If the government is serious it will give a maximum of 3 years which probably means that Djokovic may never play in Australia again.

If the government doesn't ban Djokovic for 3 years it will be accused of granting privilege to the wealthy and famous which is what started this fiasco in the first place.

ScoMo is sweating buckets.

TA is sweating buckets because it will likely have to pay Djokovic at least the equivalent of Australian open first prize winnings plus damages if Djokovic doesn't play but wins his court case. TA may be out of pocket even more if the potential loss of sponsorships and other benefits from being the first male player to 21 grand slams.

There may also be retribution from the ATP.

The ScoMo clown car is out of control.

Barnaby Joyce takes a turn at the wheel of the ScoMo clown car.

" ... World number one men's tennis player Novak Djokovic should be deported from Australia if he has not told the truth about his exemption from vaccination rules, the deputy prime minister says.

Barnaby Joyce told the BBC that rich people "can't wander around the world thinking... they are above the laws".

... Novak Djokovic remains in quarantine at a state-run hotel in Melbourne as the world No 1 awaits his appeal hearing late on Monday morning in Australia.

Djokovic, who travelled to Australia under the assumption he had been granted a “medical exemption”, despite refusing to confirm his vaccination status, was held by the Australian Border Force (ABF) for around ten hours at Tullamarine airport on Wednesday before being transferred to the Park hotel in the suburb of Carlton. The Serbian immediately lodged an appeal against the ABF’s decision to rescind his visa but the nine-time Australian Open champion could face up to a three-year ban from the country if he fails to win his case. ...
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The situation is that if the Australian government is correct the case will be over on Monday.

If Djokovic is correct, the case will drag on and Djokovic will play.

Whether or not Djokovic wins if he plays the issue could result in litigation for months if not years as Djokovic sues for damages. If he plays and doesn't win he can still sue on the grounds that the mental distress and obstruction of training were dominant factors in his performance.

If Djokovic wins the court case other players could be emboldened to sue the Australian government.

Djokovic can possibly earn more money by winning the court case than by winning the Australian open.

While the world No.1 is currently holed up in a detention hotel awaiting his hearing there’s a “good chance” he will be granted permission to play the Australian Open, according to News Corp lawyer Justin Quill.

“My guess is that there is a pretty good chance he will be playing at the Australian Open,” Quill said.

“I suspect not so much because he is going to win his case, but that he is going to be found that there needs more time, and he will be allowed to stay in the country, compete in the Australian Open.

“Then the lawyers will argue about this in the weeks and months to follow.

“The imposition on Djokovic not being allowed to compete is arguably greater than the imposition on the Minister for Home Affairs. So, I suspect the court is going to land there and say, ‘I’m going to allow you to stay in the country while we sort this out over the following weeks and months’.”

Asked whether the Djokovic party had a case, Quill added: “Ultimately what the case is about is the decision taken by Border Force, the Minister for Home Affairs decision via Border Force, to deport Djokovic was wrong.

“Now, that’s going to turn on the evidence. Was there enough evidence to justify him being given this exemption or not?

“We have never seen the world’s best tennis player, possibly the world’s greatest ever tennis player, in this situation. So, it is going to be case-by-case. We don’t know exactly what they are going to be arguing, but we do know they will be saying the decision to deport him was wrong at law.”

It seems there has been a widespread misunderstanding about why Djokovic is being held up with Minister Home Affairs Karen Andrews reiterating on Friday morning that this is not a visa issue. Amid widespread debate as to whether authorities acted correctly, whether the world No 1 should have even been allowed to board a flight and whether other players with exemptions were being reassessed, Andrews moved to clarify some things.

“He hasn’t met the entry requirements,” Andrews told Channel 9. “I know that is there lot of chatter about the visa. The visa on my understanding is not the issue it is the entry requirement.

“The Border Force has been very clear, that he was not able to meet the requirements to provide the evidence he needed for entry.

“Every single person who comes into Australia has to prove that they have been vaccinated or prove that they cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. That is one of the entry requirements here.” ...


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Renata Voracova has left the country and the Czech government has filed a please explain to the Australian government.

Australia is now in conflict with two countries over this issue with possibly more to come.

Voracova leaves Australia after visa drama
Ian Chadband

Czech tennis player Renata Voracova has now left Australia after complications over her visa that saw her caught up in the controversy which has engulfed world No.1 Novak Djokovic.

Voracova joined Djokovic at the same immigration detention hotel in Melbourne on Thursday amid the dramas over the country's handling of COVID-19 vaccine exemptions.

Unlike Djokovic, she had already been allowed into the country and had played in a match before her visa was cancelled.

Yet while Djokovic continues a legal challenge against his visa cancellation, 38-year-old doubles specialist Voracova has opted to leave, the Czech Foreign Ministry reported on Saturday.

She told the Czech news site that she would not appeal because she wouldn't have time to train properly before the Australian Open, which begins on January 17.

"(Renata) Voracova left Australia on Saturday based on her own decision to end her participation in the tournament due to complications with her visas," the Ministry said.

"The decision was not based on her expulsion from the country."

The ministry said it was waiting for a response from Australian authorities to a diplomatic note that it had sent on Friday. ...