No shit? ... Australian Prime Minister Says He Didn't Shit His Pants at McDonald's in 1997 ... Australia's covid-19 crisis gets worse


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All politicians lie. Morrison was just using this to deflect from the Covid situation.

Australian Prime Minister Says He Didn't Shit His Pants at McDonald's in 1997
The announcement came as Australia's covid-19 crisis gets worse thanks to low vaccination rates.
ByMatt Novak
Today 6:00AM

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison would like the world to know that he didn’t shit his pants at McDonald’s after attending a rugby match in 1997. Why would Morrison bring up such a thing? It’s better than talking about the covid-19 situation in Australia right now.

The Prime Minister’s alleged pants-shitting incident became a meme in 2019 and street artists had a field day, even putting up a commemorative plaque at the McDonald’s location in Engadine, New South Wales where it supposedly happened.

But the Prime Minister told an Australian radio show on Thursday, Kyle and Jackie O, that he never soiled himself in a McDonald’s. As the Australian newspaper notes, the discussion was largely about typical stuff you might hear from a politician on the radio before things started to get weird.

“Can I clear up one thing?” Morrison asked the hosts before referring to the incident as the “biggest urban myth ever.”

“The Macca’s thing?” one of the radio hosts asked, using Australia’s slang term for McDonald’s.

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“That you pooed your pants at the Endagine McDonald’s...” the other host helpfully chimed in.

“It’s complete and utter rubbish. I found the whole thing incredibly amusing, and we’ve always joked about it amongst our team here as we’ve driven by it, asking ‘Do you want to pop in for a Big Mac?’,” insisted Morrison, a man not known for his sense of humor.


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What a fucking clown! He makes Booby look smart and I did not think that that could be done!


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We will have to observe ScoMo to capture those times he wears bicycle clips to arrest the overflow from his diaper.