Never be an executor!


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The amount of bullshit!

However, NEVER let {whoever} appoint the Public Executor and Trustee as executor. Won’t be much left for the beneficiaries of that will.

Make sure the person you will be executor for has their birth and marriage certificates and title deed(s) bank account details, share certificates etc etc stored securely in a place you know and can get access too.

Some, weird shit has happened around Mum’s death, things gone missing even some bars of soap(!) some nasty remarks right after the funeral service. As Aussie told me, once the will is read fireworks start. I guess the reminder that we ALL die coupled with the thought of MONEY does strange things to people.

My sisters should be grateful—I have been told stories where it was found the long term carer has gotten the daft old person to transfer the deed of the house to the long term carer.


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As Aussie told me, once the will is read fireworks start.
When my grandmother died, my cousins actually changed the will from 75/25 to 50/50 split between my mum snd them (their mum, mums sister, had already passed away and they were to get her share) ... because she was in Italy and we were all here, they thought they were being clever. Living in small village, they were all mates with the notary who was happy to sign off on it. He was probably supposed to get some of the money once it all settled. They didn't realise my grandmother didn't trust them one bit and sent us a copy of the will to hold here. Once it came to light they were told to piss off or they'd be done for fraud, they kindly pissed off. I think mum should have had them charged and kept the full amount but mum was too soft.