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From yesterday but important. The secretive NDIS taskforce with a mandate to cut the disability scheme and 'save' the budget. Leaked docs show all.
calls this the 'smoking gun' that reveals govt's true intentions with scheme reforms.

Exclusive: Documents leaked from secretive NDIS taskforce
The National Disability Insurance Scheme is looking to limit new applicants and the amount allocated to existing users to control a cost blowout.

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I'll have more on this and other developments soon. If you did or still do work within the NDIA, I have been speaking with dozens. Join them and help build our understanding of what is going on. Confidentiality assured. Email encrypted: rickjamesmorton@protonmail.com


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I don't doubt it. It seems Libs prime directive is to undo and dismantle all the good stuff Labor has won. Busily ferreting away like the scum they are.

And I have no wish to read the post Monk, because I am depressed enough already, living in what used to be Australia.


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Neoliberalism. Killing Australia, the US and the UK.

Damn to hell Reagan, Thatcher and John Bloody Howard.


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Here a once in a lifetime real estate boom gave huge revenues to the federal government. All used to give permanent tax cuts to the rich. Now, boom over, those tax cuts are strangling the government, hence trying to kill a scheme to help the permanently handicapped. Shortly after—another big tax cut to the rich.

Now they are trying to privatise the post office. . .thank god for email!


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forget the property boom .. where we lost big time was in not nationalising our resources sector like Norway does. With the boom in resurces we've had the last quarter century, it would have left enough money in our coffers to last us another 100 years