Nancy Pelosi is heading to Taiwan...


As you may have read in the news, China is implacably of the view that this would infringe on its sovereignty. Should we be concerned by this trip?


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Formosans were not Chinese. Tibet wasn’t Chinese either until the nazi CCP forced tens of thousands to leave and replaced them with Han Chinese—doesn’t sound like a reunification to me!


Fair enough, but the CCP sees it differently. Do you think Nancy's trip might foment a nasty situation?

"A Chinese government propagandist said Friday that Beijing could shoot down House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plane if it’s accompanied by US military aircraft during an anticipated August visit to Taiwan — a dramatic escalation in rhetoric as relations between the two powers get worse and worse.

“If US fighter jets escort Pelosi’s plane into Taiwan, it is [an] invasion,” tweeted Hu Xijin, a columnist for the Chinese Communist Party-controlled Global Times. “The [People’s Liberation Army] has the right to forcibly dispel Pelosi’s plane and the US fighter jets, including firing warning shots and making tactical movement of obstruction"

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For a long list of reasons, I really dislike the CCP.

That said, so as to deflect accusations of being a CCP sympathizer, the factual history favors China’s claim to Taiwan. A brief look …

1683 - Taiwan annexed by China. It would be recognized as Chinese territory for the next 212 years.

1895 - Taiwan ceded to Japan at the end of the First Sino-Japanese War.

1945 - With the defeat of Japan in WW2, Taiwan was returned to China.

1949 - Having lost the Chinese civil war, Chinese nationalist forces flee to Taiwan and set up a government.

So basically, the losers of the civil war simply grabbed a chunk of Chinese territory and claimed it as their own.

In the decades following WW2, the West and the Soviet Union/China became locked into the Cold War Era. And because Taiwan chose a democratic, anti-communist form of government, they have been protected by the somewhat vague military alliance that has existed between Taiwan and the U.S. And clearly, our sympathy lies with Taiwan. We understandably feel a kinship with a free and democratic people.

Unfortunately, and it pains me to say it, that kinship doesn’t change the history. The mainland communist government of China was recognized by the world as the legitimate government of China long ago. Taiwan was recognized as Chinese territory dating back to the 1600s. It was taken from them by the Japanese, and it was taken from them by the Nationalist Chinese.

When I set aside my antipathy towards the CCP, and just evaluate this from a historical and legal perspective, I have to admit that there is legitimacy to China’s claim to Taiwan. I hate it, but I don’t see how to reach any other conclusion. I imagine that in the waning days of our own Civil War, if Confederate leaders and their army had grabbed a piece of U.S. territory off our coast and set up a government, eventually the U.S. would take it back, by force if necessary.

So when the U.S. contemplates what its response should be to a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan, it should do that with an eye on the history and with an eye on our own national interest. From a national security and survival standpoint, is it in our interest to go to war against a nuclear power over Taiwan? And from an economic standpoint, is it in our interest to provoke a cutoff of trade with China? And from a legal standpoint, are we right, or are we wrong?

These are questions that we’re probably going to have to answer. I don’t know when, but I expect that that day is coming. And when it does, I hope our leaders use their heads, not their emotions, and I hope they don’t act foolishly.



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Yup, difficult.

Ukraines (Kiev) existed before the “Duchy of Moscow” so russia is actually Ukraine!

The Formosans, “indigenous” of Taiwan, are not Chinese tho.


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The chinese won't shoot down Pelosi, even if she did go

Just a lot of bluster and hot air


TAIWAN is reportedly "preparing for war" with China after Beijing vowed to impose a no fly zone in a bid to scupper Nancy Pelosi's visit.

The US Speaker of the House's proposed trip has exacerbated the already fragile relationship between Washington and Beijing.

Despite Pelosi refusing to confirm whether she will stop by Taiwan on her tour of Asia, China is preparing to disrupt her route at all costs.

The nation has already warned they will not "sit idly by" while the US interferes in their pursuit of regaining control of the disputed territory.

The Chinese government and military strongly object all foreign visits and shows of support for Taiwan - but the House Speaker's trip has struck an explosive chord due to her vocal criticism of the nation.

As officials fear the tensions could escalate into an international crisis, Taiwanese soldiers are reportedly being called back from leave.....

Uncle Sam, has a penchant for rattling cages....


Russia expresses support for China over US ‘provocation’ in Taiwan

"Moscow on Tuesday denounced a potential visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan as a provocation, expressing full solidarity with ally China.

“What is connected with this tour and a possible visit to Taiwan is a pure provocation,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

He said the potential visit was leading to an “increase in tension” in the region and accused Washington of choosing “the path of confrontation”.

“We want to emphasise once again that we are absolutely in solidarity with China, its attitude towards the problem is understandable and absolutely justified.”..."