LTYC banned again from Ozpolitic after about 1 week of reinstatement


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The posts that offended Grappler who believes he can insult people as he pleases but can't take it himself.
Laugh till you cry wrote Today at 2:08pm:
Cretinous dolts and shmucks Grappler and Fuzzball invented bullsh!t.

These two fools are probably twins separated at birth by being left in the wild.

Please, somebody, teach the fool twins, Shmucks Grappler and Fuzzball how to Google and then how to assimilate the information in their tiny brains.
... on the 7th day god invented cretinism and Grappler was born.


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I no longer read Grappler’s posts. Like horseboy they all the posts say the same thing, in Grap’s case that women should not have been emancipated and when a female public servant marries she should have to resign from the PS.


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Banned again. This time it was clearly Setanta who I interacted with immediately before the ban.