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24 hours is plenty of time to shut everyone up on threat of the sack...
It's usually not a matter of "shutting everybody up", more of "Do you want a job tomorrow?"

It's not for me to tell grown-ups to grow a spine and leave the premises. However, it always amazes me how little courage people have when faced by a person who can pay wages. And it's not only just wages. There was a debacle here in WA a few months ago when Curtin University School of Architecture had a new showcase building erected. One of the last finishing touches was a glass sun-roof thing to cover the entry, it had a steel framework to support the glass. However, nobody had designed in any anchor-points for fall-arresters on the roof of the edifice, and when a chippy stood on the steelwork to fiddle with the glass, it all collapsed. Apparently there was an anchor point on the steel... One dead chippy, one badly injured tradie, and the only good news was it happened during the lunch break when nobody else was in the area. Unfortunately.

When even the victims are willing to put up with 2/3rd world working conditions, it's hard for anyone to get modern standards in. We carefully note that WA has a Labor government. At least it tells us that it is.