Kansas leads the charge. Republicans sent a message....


"Kansas voters have protected abortion rights by rejecting a measure that would have allowed the Republican-controlled Legislature to tighten abortion restrictions or ban it outright.

The referendum in the conservative state was the first test of US voter sentiment about abortion rights since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade in June.

It was a major victory for abortion rights advocates following weeks in which many states in the South and Midwest largely banned abortion.
Voters rejected a proposed amendment to the Kansas Constitution that would have added language stating that it does not grant the right to abortion...."

Kansas tells Dreamjockey to get outa town.....:yahoo


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Yeah. Looks like small, very rural counties reduced the margin by voting 30-40% for abortion rights. Still a smashing win for common sense tho!

And gives the lie that Americans do not want abortion rights!


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Anecdotally, it felt like finally Republicans had gone too far. On Instagram, even my nonpolitical friends seemed furious. Friends of friends called me. Democrats raised 80 million dollars in the week after the Dobbs decision was handed down. Protests raged from California to Atlanta. Women in Kansas turned that rage into action and registered to vote β€” in large numbers. According to TargetSmart, β€œ70 % of Kansans who registered to vote after the Dobbs decision was released were women.”