Israeli terrorists, spooks and goons bombed Jews in Baghdad, Iraq, to terrorize them into leaving Iraq and emigrating to Israel


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Israel is a terrorist state apart from the bombing of the British at the King David Hotel Jerusalem 1946.

Jews invented terrorism in the Middle East.

Mossad is a state-sponsored international terrorist agency.

Jews have no compunction about killing other Jews in false flags attacks for political reasons.

Israeli settlers in Palestine are terrorists and war criminals.

1950–51 Baghdad bombings
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1950–1951 Baghdad bombings refers to a series of bombings of Jewish targets in Baghdad, Iraq, between April 1950 and June 1951. There is a dispute around the true identity and objective of the offenders behind the bombings, and this issue remains unresolved.

Two activists in the Iraqi Zionist underground were found guilty by an Iraqi court for a number of the bombings, and were sentenced to death. Another was sentenced to life imprisonment and seventeen more were given long prison sentences.[9] The allegations against Israeli agents had "wide consensus" amongst Iraqi Jews in Israel.[10] Many of the Iraqi Jews in Israel who lived in poor conditions blamed their ills and misfortunes on the Israeli Zionist emissaries or Iraqi Zionist underground movement.[11] The theory that "certain Jews" carried out the attacks "in order to focus the attention of the Israel Government on the plight of the Jews" was viewed as "more plausible than most" by the British Foreign Office.[12][13] Telegrams between the Mossad agents in Baghdad and their superiors in Tel Aviv give the impression that neither group knew who was responsible for the attack.[13] Israel has consistently denied involvement in the bombings.[14] ...