Great day for justice. Johnny Depp's legal team kicked the anuses of Amber's legal team


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1. The owner of the trailer park that Depp, Heard, and a bunch of Heardists attended in March of 2013 gave evidence that he witnessed Amber Heard verbally abusing Johnny Depp. He further gave evidence that the trailer which Heard and the Heardists gave evidence was trashed had only one light damaged and the repair cost was $62. This evidently accuses Heard and the Heardists of perjury and conspiracy because they all gave virtually identical statements that "the trailer was trashed".

2. Heards psychiatrist was accused of unethical conduct in his statements regarding Johnny Depp by a respected Psychiatrist.

3. Johnny Depp's hand surgery doctor described the cast and binding of fingers on his hand at the time of an incident in 2015 where Whitney Henriquez testified that "Johnny Depp had Amber Heard by the hair and was punching her". Johnny's hand injury was such that he could not have grabbed her hair or punched her with the injured hand. Whitney Henriquez, Amber Heard's sister, committed perjury.