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Why ? why? do Oz govts think cheapest is bestest.?

Because they are definitely NOT WORTH the Bonuses their CRONIES enjoy. from the public purse. .
It is disgusting. But OH NO scotty thinks it's mag. Bullshit Bullshit.
Hounds a woman ( Holgate) out of a job she excelled in, but happily pays mates millions, BIG MONEY, for the abject failure that is the NBN..

The NBN is an excellent example of government CORRUPTION.

Given all the other issues they're failing at, you'd think they'd have a little more control over public funds,

ASK ANYONE, in regional or other areas, who get fuck all but still pay for it.. if THEY/WE think these toss-heads should get bonuses for their excellent service..??

I'd say absolutely NOT. Give it back you rip-offs.!!

Scomo's pals are laughing all the way to the bank.. OR the Super Fund. Cunts the lot of them.
The bodge the libs made off the NBN is not the cheapest, even when ignoring the fact we will have to change to fibre at some time. It was a Labor project, the Libs HAD to piss in it.