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Now for another anecdote.. something different.

I decided to fill a huge hole out my front door, and came up with e idea of filling it with empty wine bottles. Needless to say I had to drink quite a lot of that french wine....!!

IMG_20180428_145759 (1).jpg


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It was a hole left by a big tree.. I burned it out over time, and was left with a hole. !!

You'd never know it now. :)
Two problems with your land-fill technique:

The bottles will sink further into the soil eventually.

If your land-fill area ever floods, the bottles might pop out of the ground.


Wonder woman
Thing is there are still roots deep in the ground, and water has not had any effect, and I've had heaps of rain over the years they have been in. I think the roots provide a run-off because big puddles never sit around long. Also the water has successfully run -off aboveground as well, when it rains heavily. Last week we had over 229 mm of rain in the space of 2 and half days.

I layered concrete tiles, and some bricks before I covered it. Thanks for your interest. If it happens I'll let you know.