Forbidden words


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This happened with the old phpBB3 board too. It has to be the host tho they disclaim responsibility.


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wow b l o w job is one of the words you can't use.... :ROFL1 :ROFL1 :ROFL1 :ROFL1
so is f a c e fucker .....
dick sucker is fine........
c o c k sucker is no good either.....good thing no swear filter Mr Monk


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Well .. I don't really think there are that many really BAD swear words....

the offence is in the ear of the listener.

I know things have changed.. hugely , when it comes to swearing, even in public places.

In some respects it can be seen as disrespect to others, but ....... swearing is a part of the vernacular.
As I have said before, swearing doesn't mean you have a poor vocabulary, necessarily, because many swearers have massive vocabs...
in fact .