Covid vaccine approved in Australia


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All this stoush over vaccines is just BS.

Big Pharma will get rich no matter how they roll out.
Seems PNG is possibly infected ..up to 33% of the pop on recent info.!

Give it to them.!


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Perhaps France and Germany and Italy will send their unwanted astra-gen vaccines to places that need it.!!!


Wonder woman
re eligibility for the vaccine , here in Oz. .... seems I am eligible for an early jab....

not over 70, nor +55 ATSI, not working in any capacity...

But I DO HAVE a Chronic Disease, as shown on the TV,
so I am on the Early List.

I think my lifestyle significantly reduces my susceptibility .. so I am not in any hurry.

Have to see my GP soon..... will talk to her, about it.


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I will be 74 later this year, will get the jab. Don’t think Mum should get it, is 100.


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So here we are
No timeframe for vaccinations now, according to the PM.

Hey MONK you might not be able to get one till who knows when..?


He declared this so he doesn't have to give daily press meetings.
Couldn't be plainer. He was so contemptuous of the reporters yesterday, or when ever it was..
it DISPLEASED him to have to answer questions.

So now he thinks he has nothing further to say... till next year.!! :bgrin :dunno2

Every q he gets from now on on the vaccine timeframe will be ignored.. just like he has ignored the behaviour, under HIS WATCH, of his BROAD CHURCH , in relation to rape harassment and bullying. He has handed THAT OFF as well.

He has a job that he is unable to perform. He is performing so poorly !!

Vaccines are not something he can fob off onto cronies.. altho he is trying. He made the big claims, and basked in a brief period of approval, but NOW..? what a useless piece of shit.!

You'd think they could achieve one benchmark.. like all PH 1 eligible people are fully vaccinated, but nope.. not his job.. that is up to the states.


This is shameful.


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With regard to the vaccinations, scomo has failed dismally. Totally and utterly useless.

Actually, that pretty much sums up his whole tenure as PM


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That is true. If NewsPoll can be trusted the electorate is awake to that.


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