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It is a shame that ignorance reigns supreme among the gullible. These are people who are only blinded by the facts. Not enlightened by them.

You'd have to be a total moron to believe that we can control/kill anything that is not even alive.
You'd have to be a moron to believe that this virus will kill everyone in its path, if left unchecked.
You'd have to be a moron, to ignore the the importance of herd immunity.
You would have to be a moron, to ignore the numbers of recoveries and the mortality rates.
You would have to be a moron to think that a lockdowns, will protect you from being infected.
You would have to be a moron to believe, that if unchecked the entire world would be infected.
You would have to be a complete moron, to protect everyone from this virus, AT ALL COSTS!!
You are a moron, if you believe that everyone dying from Covid-19, actually died from Covid-19.

Do any of you know the difference between dying WITH the virus, and dying FROM the virus?
Do any of you think that we should lockdown our economy everytime a new virus appears?
Do any of you know that a virus never kills the host? It is the host's immune response that kills.
Do any of you know what viruses do when they are NOT infecting a host? Of course not.

I like Texan, am NOT willing to give up my personal way of life, just to prevent me from being infected by this virus. A virus with a 98% survival rate. A virus with a 100% survival rate for all relatively healthy people. This virus is real, but this sensationalized version of it, is just politics for the gullible. If people choose to give-up their freedoms, that is their choice. It should not be forced on everyone. And, people should not be persecuted, or bullied, to follow the blind and the compliant.

Although I can't stand Trump, even he was NOT dumb enough to drink the media kool-aid. Even he knew that there is nothing you can do, to protect yourself against a non-living pathogen smaller than a beam of light. As long as you are healthy, practice proper hygiene, stay at home and treat the symptoms, drink plenty of fluids, and take antibiotics for any secondary infections, then Australia will continue to live another day. As it has for the over 60 years of previous viruses.

There are over 1,400 private and public hospitals in Australia. There are 7,000 GP clinics, 3,000 solo practices, and 4,000 group practices in Australia. I don't even know the number of mobile, outpatient, and fixed medical emergency treatment facilities. But what I do find hard to believe(especially without any evidence), is exactly HOW our entire medical industry, and all of its alternative treatment facilities, could ever become overwhelmed. Especially, from a disease where 80% of all its sufferers report only having mild to moderate symptoms. And, over 97% of them recover anyway. Oh, and people have been complaining about hospital waiting times, long before this virus ever came along.

But I suppose you can make up any self-serving scenario you want. Especially since you don't have to provide any proof. Right?

If the goal is to save lives. Then let's start with alcohol, obesity, cigarettes, drugs, and sugar. These are the most preventable of deaths ever. These disease, and substance abuses, kill thousands more than this virus ever could. It is irrelevant whether people chose these poisons or not. The government still has a duty of care to protect them regardless. Maybe we should start with something less obvious for practice. Like Gambling???