Covid-19 Revisit


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so you're only preaching anti vax crap because you want to stick it to the Haitians?


that'll fix them I' m sure:stoopid:stoopid
I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy. Why are American citizens being forced to take a shot they don't want or face a dishonorable discharge from the military while undocumented and unvetted criminals are invited into our country without masks or vaccinations? A dishonorable discharge follows you your whole life and puts a huge stigma on you when you are looking for employment. Estimates are that 40-60% of these border invaders have covid and are spreading it all over the US. Just look at them under the bridge. They are packed in like sardines, no masks, and no running water to keep clean with. They are a mega super spreader event, but Biden's teleprompter doesn't care. He just wants to blame the spread on unvaccinated citizens because he gets to exert control on the public and his buddies in big pharma and big business get a huge government paycheck or financial advantages which they share in donations to leftist politicians. Americans are getting screwed.


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yes, unfortunately for some people even clicks and grunts are beyond them

Here's a wake-up call for you John. NO ONE COMMUNICATES ANYMORE USING CLICKS AND GRUNTS!! I was being facetious and sarcastic. But, for someone with an attention span less than a goldfish(9 sec), I'd say that it was a milestone that you finish the first sentence. Bravo!

It amazes me why so many people love bitching and whining about which RICH politician is screwing another RICH politician. As though these people give a shit what you think! Or, even worse, why some imaginary party is better than the other imaginary party. They are all basically the same. Regardless, these same people will never get off their asses to do anything about their bitching and whining anyway. Not even to send an email to voice their concerns. I guess it is always easier to just gaggle like hens among themselves, right??.

These people will never understand that the government's power begins with the people. These leaders are suppose to represent THE PEOPLE'S interests, NOT THEIR OWN!! We vote them in, and we can vote them out. Unfortunately, it is these true ignorant closet government toadies and hypocrites, that have allowed the government to get away with their overreach and overreactions.

Taking away our freedoms and privacies is a big deal. Destroying our entire economy is a big deal. Putting a million Australians on the dole is a big deal. Making thousands of businesses insolvent is a big deal. Forcing ALL Australians to take an unnecessary vaccine is a big deal. Restricting movement across our internal and external borders is a big deal. Forcing ALL people to wear useless masks, keep 2 meters apart, or be fined or jailed, is a big deal. Encouraging Australians to dob on other Australians is a big deal. And, controlling and vetting all the information we receive is a big deal. All because of a flu that is less lethal than the freak'n measles??

Any normal Australian should be at least alarmed over this. But, I guess there will always be the true government lackeys, who love watching their masters sticking it to the people. They love watching their masters making others suffer. It just makes them feel superior to all those who are suffering. They will always believe whatever rationale their masters tell them. Like, "We're doing this for your own good!". Or, "It is our actions that is stopping this virus!". No questions will be asked!! Absolute bullshit, that only the weakest gov-toady clone would believe!!

Sit. Stay. Good Boy.


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no shit sherlock .... fuck you're a moron

And you will always be nothing more, than a weak-ass, closed-minded, and compliant government lackey. Now go turn on the tele, and get your channel 9 news fix for the day! And, fuck you, you ignorant misanthrope!!

Actually I was wrong. There are tribes in Africa that still use clicks to communicate. These is even a tribe in Queensland that uses clicks. In fact it is the ONLY place outside of Africa that uses clicks to communicate.
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no shit sherlock .... fuck you're a moron

People like you don't know the meaning of what an informed consent means. Why do you think that 1 in 8 doctors refuse to be vaccinated? Why do you think that over a third of all healthcare nurses and other staff members, also refuse to get vaccinated?

These professionals all cite their reasons to be, uncertainties over safety, preference for physiological immunity, distrust of government and health organizations, and to have autonomy over their freedom of choice. Why doesn't Pfizer present its data to the public?

Why do these vaccines come with the safety disclosure, "There is a remote chance that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine could cause a severe allergic reaction.”. Or do you even care??

This is the same government that has stolen our freedoms, destroyed our economy(some jobs and businesses are lost forever), and have isolated our country. Now this same government is telling us that if we want our freedoms back, we must do everything we are told. Straight to our faces, and people like you don't even blink. Maybe you like being the organ grinder's monkey, but I don't. If you are going to take my freedoms away from me, then you'd better have a damn good reason(war, plague, bushfire, or weather disaster). NOT the fucking flu!!

Does anyone think that once the government gives us back the freedom they stole from us (even if we reached 100% vaccinated), that this virus will just stop infecting people? That people won't be dying from it anymore? When are so many ignorant people going to realize, that VACCINES DON'T KILL VIRUSES!! It is the health of our immune system that kill viruses!!

You're just another good company man, John. Sit. Stay. Good Boy.


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In the US COVID19 deaths are about to overtake Spanish Flu deaths (in raw numbers, be less per capita I guess.)

A yearly COVID jab is likely, for a few years anyway.
The Spanish Flu killed at least 50M people worldwide between 1918-1920. Only 4.5M people have died from Covid-19 complications in the word today. Our world population today(7.8B). That is roughly 4 times the population back in 1918(2B).

Therefore, 4 x 4.5M = 18M people dying from Covid-19 complications.

NOWHERE NEAR OVERTAKING THE SPANISH FLU IN 1918!! Also, lets just ignore the fact that there were no antibiotics or vaccines to treat the Spanish Flu virus back then. Lets just ignore the sanitary conditions and health conditions that existed back then(which allowed for the spread). Just more unsupported fear-mongering and spreading more disinformation. Good boy!

If any of you closet government and media clones, took even one moment to pause and think, you might just ask yourselves a few questions.

Do people have a basic right to determine what goes into their bodies?
Do you know the difference between a variant of interest, and a variant of concern?
Why do children need to be vaccinated now, when they didn't before? What has changed?
Who stands to profit more from our ignorance? I'm waiting for the BS to start vaccinating pets.
Why do any recovered Covid-19 victim need to be vaccinated?
Why do any moderately healthy person need to be vaccinated?
Why are there now 9 variants of this virus? Vaccines are effective against 1 strain, and 1 variant?
Which antibodies does the body need more of? Broad-spectrum, non-specific, and low affinity antibodies? Or, the vaccine induced high affinity, limited-spectrum, highly specific antibodies?

Leave our immune system alone! It doesn't need any help! It will fight against any pathogen, any infections, any variant, or anything that is foreign to the body. It has been doing this for eons. And, judging from the over 97% survival rate for even unvaccinated victims, I'd say that it's doing its job very well.

If people do choose to force their immune system to start producing antigen-specific antibodies(only effective for the Alpha and Delta strains), then that is their business. But don't force me to be a part of this media-induced mass hysteria. This is NOT a viral apocalypse. People are not turning into walking zombies. SO WHY ARE WE BEHAVING LIKE IT IS!! Please wake-up, and stop behaving like sheep!! Just think!!!

A yearly jab? What other viral pathogen do we need to a yearly jab for? If it is a few years away, then how is a yearly jab justified? Think!!! The vaccine-induced antibodies are there for life. So, why would we need frequent top-ups? Why not simply test if the antibodies are still in the blood? Think!!!

I will never trust Liberal or Labor again. These fuckers have put our country a Trillion dollars in debt, destroyed our businesses, ended our jobs, taken away our liberties and freedoms, turned Australians against Australians, put the military on our streets, forced mandatory quarantines and vaccinations, and are still profiting off of our ignorance and complacency. Vote these fuckers out!!