Covid-19 Revisit


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Quarantine is a joke! The AstraZeneca jab is not as good as the Pfizer.

hotels cannot function as quarantine centers ... they 're not designed to. It's ridiculous that we're well over a year into this and still haven't gt any quarantine centers set up. What the fark has he been doing for the last 14 months?

Instead scummo tries to block Queenslands attempts to build them


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More national paranoia from the same indifferent, apathetic, and ignorant sheep. Three people in Queensland are infected with a lesser strain of Covid-19, and everyone in Queensland must go on lockdown as a precaution? It doesn't matter if these 3 people are in quarantine for 2 weeks. Or, that this is a weaker strain of the virus. Or, that all three will recover. Or, that it would take over 200 years for 3 people to infect the 5 million people in Queensland. And, the fact that we have never had more than 1/10th of 1% of our population even infected for the last year and a half.

But, I guess if a small group of morons in power, can force 5.1M people to wear masks(that are technically/verifiably useless), keep 5.1M people 2 meters apart(impossible), and control the patronage of all businesses(Communism), then that is a political currency that these morons will never give up. So now all businesses, jobs, industries, and the freedoms of 26M Australian citizens, will now be dependent on someone catching this virus. This is insanity and an abuse of power.

I guess if 5.1M people could believe, that if the original strain of Covid-19 was going to kill everyone in Australia(impossible), then they could certainly believe that this weaker strain could also kill everyone as well. I guess the body's natural defenses, vaccinations, and all the statistics, are irrelevant. I guess that the 5,000 businesses expected to become insolvent in the next three months are also irrelevant. We are destroying more lives now than the virus ever could!

I just keep wondering, just what would it take for the population to wake up and start pushing back? Just how much of your dignity, personal freedoms, and life's goals are you willing to sacrifice, because a few people are infected with a flu-like virus? Australians are better than this!! Vote these powermad fuckers out, and tell them so! I will definitely vote everyone of these simple minded egotists OUT! This is NOT a national medical crisis(on paper). Obesity, smoking, and alcohol abuse related illnesses, are all a true national medical crisis. And, are all medically preventable. If we just tell them that they will be voted out of office, all this bullshit will end!! And, we will begin hearing a new spin on this nonsense.