Covid-19 Revisit


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World Infections now are equal to Australia's population (25,590,934 ) with 850,000 dead, 65,000 in a critical condition and 7 million still have C-19 so the deaths are not over, even if no new infections....
It'll go away in April ;)


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We really need to address the huge mental health problem in this country too.

How are people like this walking around in public?

"Ms Black, who described herself as a “Christian renegade”, also said she didn’t trust that younger people who had died from COVID-19 had actually died from the virus and claimed authorities were lying on death certificates."

She needs help, yet nobody seems to be doing anything.

Conspiracy theorist Eve Black says she did nothing wrong in online rant


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The sort of stressors placed upon us due to Covid - 19 are extreme and new. An experience that we, the wealthy healthy people of Australia ( comparatively) haven't generally even dreamt of.

Personally this is nothing unxpected. The masses ( vox populi) may not have a clear grasp of the issues, but our leaders really should.
But they don't.

I live in QLD and I support border closures and the advice given to mask-up, wash hands, keep social distance, and don't be a liar and a con.
QLD has always been the state of the shonks.. we are fortunate so far.. but pigeons come home to roost.


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Personally this is nothing unxpected. The masses ( vox populi) may not have a clear grasp of the issues, but our leaders really should.
But they don't.
If our leaders didn't have a handle on this, we would be like USA, Brazil, Russia all countries that had plenty of time to lock down and get ready for C-19 unfortunately their leaders said it was a hoax and let their country get over run....
Even with the second outbreak in Vic we are still one of the best countries in the world to contain this virus...

there are 130 countries with a worse infection rate than us and 110 countries with a worse death rate...
this Virus has effected the whole world, not just Australia.....

Yes mistakes on this unprecedented situation have been made. Overall we are doing well...


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yes and failures
funny that most of the failures have been in nursing homes .. a federal govt. responsibility:headscratcher1

Quality checks on aged homecare providers have declined, despite the watchdogs responsible being given at least $6.5 million to hire more assessors, a royal commission has heard.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care was shown documents that revealed 181 quality reviews of aged homecare providers were conducted from April to June 2019, but that number fell to 24 in July to September this year.



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like i told you the other day ... paying more more doesn't mean getting more work done ... if the money goes into corporate coffers instead of where it's needed, then it's just another scam that the taxpayer has been conned on.
so you don't know.....


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Meanwhile Back In Canada

Skip kissing and consider wearing a mask when having sex to protect yourself from catching the coronavirus, Canada’s chief medical officer has said, adding that going solo remains the lowest-risk sexual option in a pandemic.

Breaking News in Germany

German prosecutors have ruled that anti-lockdown protesters can be called “Covidiots”.

I think everyone is getting a bit stir crazy :unsure:


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  • Documents reveal 181 aged homecare quality reviews were done between April and June 2019
  • The number fell to 24 reviews between July and September this year

These number sound like a bit of a stitch up....
is April to June 1,2 or 3 months ? I'm asking because September hasn't happened yet...

Why not give numbers for July to September last year or numbers for April to June this year..

Do they do actual inspections in certain months and others do follow up reports.....

Why not give numbers from the beginning of the year when the new group took over and compare with Inspections last year...

Have there been reasons why in the last 1 or 2 months they have not been able to do physical inspection like lock-downs...
I think I'll wait until a bit more information is released before making judgement...