Charter of Moderation and Password Requirements

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I own this board and am the Administrator/Founder. I will be guided by this Charter of Moderation when and if Admin action is needed. I Admin with the handle Jovial Monk and post as HBS Guy--call me Monk in either case. I lead an Admin/Mod team of such Admin/Mods as I see fit from time to time.

A Forum Moderator may be appointed or elected for a part or parts of this board.

This board is for the discussion of politics and current affairs from an Australian perspective. It is open to those from the right as well as left, to those from Australia and those from overseas. Off Topic is for discussing more personal stuff and board Admin. The Sand Pit is for more casual chat and some of the rules are relaxed there. It is open to guest posting that will be moderated if abused.

Members, visible only to Members, is for posting more personal stuff and where the member–run boards will go. Photos, poetry etc all go here.

Validation of membership
New members may very occasionally be asked to provide a real email address and proxy addresses are frowned upon--you may need to justify use of proxy addresses when asked by Admin or Moderator.

Abuse and disputes
Please remember at all times: the internet, email is not the same as face to face, it carries hardly any emotional content, no body language information, no tone of voice etc etc, patience and goodwill are needed to get over the odd bump. An insult followed by a smily can still be conceived of as an insult rather than a joke. Please exercise restraint even when you believe insult was intended.

Admin & mods will not take sides in any disputes!

Posts that are pure invective will be deleted except if they are really funny we may leave it in place. Posts that publish personal details will be deleted and the member banned. So keep the posts on topic and you can go hammer and tongs. Swearing is allowed—I'm not your mother—as long as a post is not just pure invective. When discussing Political events/situations etc use of strong language probably indicates your argument is not very well based so swearing should be minimal there. Think of others who may well be offended.

If attacking someone then attack them but not their family. Posts that breach copyright will be deleted and the poster warned or suspended.

We don’t want to read the MSM here but YOUR thoughts and reasonings, so generally your commentary should be rather longer than your copy and paste of a source article. We also prefer quotes come from quality press. Further info re posting articles see Copyright of Posts below. Generally if what you quote (another post or an article from elsewhere) is longer than your own text you are probably over-quoting and may be warned about that if you do it a lot.

Racism, anti–semitism etc is not wanted here!

Interforum wars or "biffo" is allowed, is part of PA, but threads will be archived a couple of days after the last post.

If you notice a thread you started is not in the Forum you posted it in then very likely your post has been moved to a more appropriate forum--you can PM me or an Admin or Mod if you are not happy with where your thread was moved to. We are not in the business of deleting posts or threads!

Sock Puppets and nicks
Sock Puppets are allowed, but accounts sock or real may be deleted if they have not been active for 6 months or so purely as a security measure. The sock account can be re-instituted by the original owner, so send me a PM when you register a sock to claim ownership of that nick.

Nicks, even guest nicks, are sacrosanct: do not exactly copy a nick (with a '.' or “Í” for “i” or other mark to pretend to be a registered member) or pretend to be another poster: no warning just a weeks suspension immediately. However, something done in good fun but NOT exactly copying a nick is fine—bit of snark is good. Up to you to get that right.

Stalking and spamming
Stalking—an interest in a members’ nonPA life and taking steps to find out details about it. Also obsessive interest in one member, replying to that member’s every post, especially if the stalking post is not relevant to the stalked member’s original post. Stalking will not be tolerated here and failure to heed a warning will quickly result in a suspension and a banning in case the suspension didn’t change the stalking behavior.

Spamming of board, forum or thread is frowned upon. Filling up a thread etc with off–topic posts and especially making a habit of this will result in a warning and a suspension if that behavior is repeated despite the warning.

Warnings, suspensions and bannings
Three warnings in one three-month period will earn a suspension and multiple suspensions within a year will see each suspension getting longer until it is permanent. A warning can be just annoying posts edited or deleted by an Admin or Mod. If I or a Mod request that a form of words or annoying usage not be used then that contains an implied warning about continued use of such form of usage.

Where two or more members are having a fight and being tiresome for more than a couple of days then they will find themselves suspended for a day so they can cool down. Repeat offenses will earn longer suspensions. Permanent bannings will only occur when a member:

1. Posts personal information belonging to or about another member; or

2. Persists with a proscribed behavior even after several warnings and temporary suspensions; or

3. A petition to suspend or ban a member is successful: such petition will be treated as a recommendation to the Admin whose word is final.

4. Stalking behavior (see above) is continued even after three suspensions for that offense.

Generally warnings will be used rather than suspensions and suspensions rather than bannings but don't push it too far!

Elections and Petitions
Sock puppets are allowed (see above) but must not be used in voting for in petitions and we will know who is real and who is a sock! As always, Admin’s word is final.

A petition to suspend someone will need two thirds of the membership "signing" the petition. Voting and petition threads will be stickied in Off Topic and last for 28 days for voting and last for 56 days for petitions. The permanent Admin/Mod team will not vote in any election or petition. To be eligible to vote in an election or petition you will need to have been here four weeks and made 10 substantial posts.

Copyright of posts
When you post you request and allow us to publish your posts and, unless you indicate otherwise copyright in that post resides with me. That permission to publish your posts is permanent. As a member here you can edit, delete those posts etc. If you manage to be unpleasant enough to get banned your posts will remain here as a part of this board. We will not entertain requests to bulk delete them, but will delete any posts when after cooler reflection you request us to remove any inflammatory or unwise posts but at our discretion. Unless you specifically claim copyright over a post the copyright in such a post belongs to me.

For a discussion of copyright and plagiarism: That is the interpretation I will use here. Copy and pastes of whole articles or posts without the original author’s permission would definitely not be fair use. Any such copied & pasted article would be deleted and the poster warned. Generally, you should write more than you copy and paste.

More info re copyright for your info:

Duties of Admin and Moderators
The admin or moderator agrees:

1. To be respectful of all members, each other, and the administration and to represent (your forum) with professionalism, even though we are all volunteers:

2. To understand that not all decisions are open for group discussion because input arrives from many sources, some of which require privacy and confidentiality;

3. To be discreet and to maintain confidentiality regarding moderator forum activities and member information. Privacy laws require strict adherence and the site requires a sense of trust amongst all to fulfill its purpose;

4. To agree to use private emails and private messaging to communicate with the administrative team when questioning administration policy or guidelines or decisions on specific issues. That said—Mods/Admins should give a public explanation when someone challenges a suspension or other action publicly;

5. To remember that all moderators on the team are to be treated with respect and courtesy, no matter how long a moderator has been involved in the site;

6. To consider others feelings before hitting the submit button, both on the public boards and in private forums.

7. To resign from moderator duties if there is a breech of confidentiality, if the code of conduct is not followed, or if the guidelines of (your forum) or the authority of the administration are not recognized.

You are deemed to have agreed to this Charter when you join this board or make guest posts.

That is it, pretty much. Have fun here!

Password requirements are complex for your protection, please read the post below this one—creeps and stalkers populate the internet!
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BBC list of rude words, ranked in order of offensiveness:



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Password complexity:
Passwords must have at least 8 characters and contain:
At least one uppercase letter, and;
At least one lowercase letter, and;
At least one digit 0-9, and;
A least one symbol ~!@#$%^&*()=_- —+<>/?

Passwords should not be based on your or your family's names or birthdays or pet names or the street or suburb where you live!!!

Passwords should also not form horizontal (asdfgh) or diagonal (bhu8) lines on your keyboard.

Changing passwords regularly is good. Deleting PMs once read (and/or saved to your hard disk) doesn't hurt.

Hmmm—some expert advice on passwords:


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The password requirements no longer apply. Use the advice here when chosing a new one.


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A petition to suspend someone will need two thirds of the membership "signing" the petition. Voting and petition threads will be stickied in Off Topic and last for 28 days for voting and last for 56 days for petitions. The permanent Admin/Mod team will not vote in any election or petition. To be eligible to vote in an election or petition you will need to have been here four weeks and made 10 substantial posts.
not sure i agree with any of this. No one should be able to petition to remove anyone. If someone continually does the wrong thing then it should be up to the mods to decide, who should discuss it amongst themselves before acting on any permanent basis


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This thread will be archived—when the new CoM will be created and linked in the Registration/sign on sheet.

Please read and suggest amendments.
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