Budget.? BUDGET! What Budget ?


Wonder woman
so you are all too busy commenting and posting in other places about the Budget that no-one could come up with a new topic about it.? Here.?

Monk needs to change the name of this WHOLE forum.... OR start putting it ahead of others.


Wonder woman
So they are trumpeting 17.7 Billion dollars to the
'Aged Care Sector'.

Does that mean they are going to move away from corporate 'for profit' care-providers SECTOR.? o_O... and actually fund decent care.? perish the thought. !!
Can't make money THAT way.!@!

I WISH, for the good of us all.

BUT, having heard nothing to suggest otherwise, it would seem all these BILLIONS of dollars will go into the CORPORATES that PROFIT From AGED CARE in Australia.


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17b is well short of what the RC recommended was needed to reboot the aged care sector. This tinkering around the edges will cost us more in the long run, without actually fixing the problems in aged care


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Once you put in staff-old folk ratios, etc, put that into legislation, to make a profit requires a price rise. Which the funding won't cover.


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I'm interested to hear about these purported 40 mental health super centres. As in, whre they will go and what they will offer ... and particularly how much they will cost to be built and who is getting the contracts to build them.

Because i can tell you for nothing, the problem isn't where to house mental health services, it's in the funding to employ adequate staff. There's abundant space going wanting but there aren't enough workers to satisfy demand. And demand is rapidly growing.


Wonder woman
Yes.. another consequence of Covid.

BUT, mainly also due to Lib govts gutting funding for aged persons over the years. Cutting Tafe , cutting away incentives.. poor pay, and awful conditions... all fine with the now PM. The PM himself, when he was responsible.! Took millions out... of aged care funding. Just typical of Lib govts to date.
Now... ? they're doing exactly WHAT with that money.?? A sweeping announcement is nothing but fodder for fools.

The devil is ALWAYS in the detail.