Booby’s whine


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It seems Valkie has flown the coop.
Valkie turned into a blubbering mess and was whisked away by his poison-dwarf elf Buy-arse to a place where he can receive treatment for his mental health issues.

He might be treated to a long convalescence at Chez Gordon where Lisa Jones will empty his pockets and liberate him from his purported pot of gold.

After Lisa Jones has turned him into a pauper she will dispose of him.

Sir Bobby

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You still don't get it. The ONLY reason he ran for the position of EL was to prevent Aussie getting the job. He didn't do it because he wanted to try to fix the sewer, he didn't do it because he thought he could do a better job of running it. Thats sabotage in anyone language. If you think someone who's only reason for running is sabotage is going to save you you're even dumber than I gave you credit for.
Shut up - you're an uneducated idiot -
you're lucky that anyone even replies to you.


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Shut up - you're an uneducated idiot -
you're lucky that anyone even replies to you.

Luck hasn't anything to do with it. Unlike you I know what I'm talking about. Just because you're too stupid to know any better.

Now normally I wouldn't hold your stupidity against you, but when you knowingly refuse to listen JUST so as to jeopardize others, then that's not just stupidity, it's malicious as well.

Sir Bobby

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You did everything to support Redneck other than vote. Further, to NOT vote was a vote for him.
Crap - I was the one who challenged him about being ban happy
during the election campaign.
He assured us all that he wouldn't be responsible for mass gratuitous bannings.
When he was elected - he proceeded to do just that -
even I got banned.
He banned so many people and pissed off so many others
that PA is now dead.
I don't think he cares as long as he can call himself the Exalted Leader.