Biden acts on vehicle emission standards


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In a car-obsessed country, cutting emissions from transportation is going to be a special challenge, requiring buy-in from industry giants and some faith that consumers will come along.

President Joe Biden has now revealed a big part of how he intends to get there, announcing on Thursday a revision of the Trump administration’s rollback of fuel economy standards that would take effect with the 2023 model year. The proposed revision would make the rules more stringent than they were before Trump loosened them, requiring average fuel economy of 52 miles per gallon by 2026, compared to the Obama administration’s standards, which would have brought the average to 50.1 mpg by 2025.

But because of the years of lost progress, the greenhouse gas savings will be less: some 2 billion metric tons of carbon pollution through 2026, compared to the Obama plan, which was designed to cut 6 billion metric tons through 2025.


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I'd better buy my vehicles before 2023. They are going to become VERY expensive. $$$ A Ford F150 with a 5.0l V8 is in order.

Maybe I'll get an EV after I build my house and am making more electricity than I can use.